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A Season of Eden by J.M. Warwick
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Jun 18, 2010

it was amazing
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First a bit of back story: I was scanning through the Around the world ARC Tours, checking to see if there were other available titles (I've only joined recently) that were still open. A Season of Eden was, and while it intrigued me, it also repelled me. First I was intrigued by the summary alone, but then, paranormal-addict that I am, I realized I would probably not want to write a review about it. I moved on.

A week later, I had returned to the page for this book, staring longingly at the beautiful cover. The summary resonated with me; I had the sudden urge to dip my toes back into the high school life--if only to briefly reminisce.

I received the ARC in the mail yesterday, stuffing the book into my purse in my haste to catch my train. I had planned on reading it as quickly as I could in order to pass it on to the next person. I didn't read it on the train ride there. I did, however, read it on the ride back home... and I almost missed my stop because of it.

As I munch on some Skittles at 2am, I've realized something: this is the first Young Adult book--and a non-paranormal one at that--which has moved me to this degree. Why else would I be guzzling down sugar, overeager to type out my review? (and I had planned on not posting anything tomorrow [well, today now:] because I was behind on reviews)

While most of us might cringe when looking back upon high school (I know I do more often then not), this novel has the potential to summon memories of young love to the forefront of one's mind. It, for me personally, reminded me of the person I was, and how much I've changed since then. It was beautiful and ugly all at the same time. It reinforced the reality of how harsh teenagers can be--and even adults. I was reminded of how wonderful it can be to meet such a talented, pure soul, and the fear of how your "darkened" soul would corrupt the other.

Well maybe that one's just for me, and maybe I've figured out why this has resonated with me so much. I dated a musician, and much like James, my first boyfriend was innocent, optimistic, naive, and so pure it was astounding. In comparison, I felt like a typical dramatic teenager who was getting over a rough time in her life. Yep, I didn't have the student-teacher relationship, but I definitely had the musician relationship, and it was beautiful while it lasted.

I was reminded of how flaky girls can be at that age (because I'm not reminded of this on an almost daily basis *sarcasm*), and how nasty they can get when more than one of them is struggling to attain the attention of the boy they currently want. *raises hand* I've been guilty of that one. I was reminded of how easily a friendship can dissipate, and how easy it is for "friends" to gang up on one victim. I was reminded of the desolation one can feel, and how that is multiplied when something goes wrong within the family. I was reminded of that, and so much more.

There were minor factors that annoyed me, such as the overuse of the words "retard", "lame", and "I'm sorry". Likewise, Eden's immature thoughts sometimes irked me, but when I really thought about it.... well hell, I get like that too sometimes, as does everyone. Besides, this is an 18 year old rich girl who always--as it was reiterated numerous times--gets her way.

The development of Eden's character was outstanding. She really transformed from some snooty little high school brat into a beautiful young woman right before the reader's eyes. Time somehow manages to blur together so that the reader, aside from when Eden announces it's a new day of school, has no real sense of how many days have passed. Normally I would frown upon this, but in this situation, I believe that this was another element that enhanced my reading experience. How many times, as a young teenage girl, did time fly by during school as you waited and thought about your potential love interest, or even just a crush?

And now that I've finished the other half of my bag of Skittles, I feel it necessary to wrap up my review (and hopefully pass out before the sugar kicks in). While not a paranormal book, I believe A Season of Eden is something that everyone should read. I loved it. It managed to make me tear up, and it also reminded me of how innocent love can be sometimes (emphasis on the sometimes). Once I have the money, I will definitely be buying an actual copy of this book, because I know I will, at some point, re-read this. I only wish there was a sequel...
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Lisa Sanchez I just added this to my tbr pile. Loved your review :)

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