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Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair by Lee Fox
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You can't imagine how much I like this book unless you had unruly, messy, tangly-strangly hair as a child and you were in extreme PAIN every time it was brushed. If only I could have said "No!" Then again, I like to see the progression of what happens when the hair isn't brushed. And the resolution was rather fun, too. So glad it wasn't mine, though! I love my hair too much for that! I am also happy to say that I have been brush-free for over 5 years now. How? Oh. I've learned the secrets.

6/25/10 Some smiles in the craft storytime on this one. I'm learning that the older kids don't make us much audial or facial expressions as the preschoolers. So this may still be a good choice for preschoolers in future.

2/8/12 Somehow I worked this into the Movement-theme preschool ST. I needed more of a story, because all of those wiggle/moving books can bore the kids. I guess I figured that Ella does enough moving. Plus, I wanted to see how well they comprehended the story. Not bad. Most kids were intrigued to see her hair growing longer and followed through the whole story. A few kids laughed here and there. In both groups there were kids who were not shy about asking what a few words meant--good for them! Others started to pick it up from context clues (and my occasional flipping of my own hair). They may not have shown much emotion at the beginning, but by the time her hair was huge they were definitely invovled. Ending was not as funny to them, though they did like it. Parents enjoyed the book, too. (I did have a worry in the first read that some kids would go out and decide to cut their hair instead of brush it, but maybe they got the silliness of it instead of ideas to try...)

2/19/14: A very fun beginning to our "That's Crazy" theme. The kids and adults loved the pictures and the ending as well. They enjoyed seeing socks, etc in her hair. Made them smile. Love this group!

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