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First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde
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** spoiler alert ** It’s been fourteen years since we last touched base with Thursday Next. In that time her son, Friday, has become a sullen teenager who doesn’t seem at all likely to become a leader in the Chronoguard; her dodo, Pickwick, has lost all of her feathers; Landon has been (and remains!) reactualized; the Goliath Corporation is up to the same tricks (world market domination); and the fiction world is running amok. Thursday continues to work for Jurisfiction (on the sly), and she’s entangled in several cheese smuggling schemes as well as a carpet installation business (which is acting as a front). Thursday’s been given the assignment to shepherd two potential Jurisfiction agents – her bookworld counterparts, Thursday 5 and Thursday 1-4 – neither of who has what it takes. Thursday 1-4, however, is a dangerous adversary who is determined to oust the real Thursday and take over her life – and she’s willing to kill her rival to achieve her goals.

This installment in the Thursday Next series gets off to a slow start, and then becomes bewilderingly confusing with its multivarious plot threads and goings on. Like Thursday 5’s book (the one she comes from is panned by fans of the series), it’s almost “unreadable” (at least that's how a friend of mine describes it) – since I listened to it, I can vouch for it and say it's not unlistenable! Still, it's not as entertaining as others in the series. I wished there hadn’t been such a large gap between this book and the last. The resolution was also disappointing (what, no more Chronoguard?!) – it felt like a cop out. Also? Found it seriously lacking in dodo.

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