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Wait for Dusk by Jocelynn Drake
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Aug 05, 2010

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** After the huge cliffhanger of the last book (Pray for Dawn) I was very curious about it. Unlike the previous book, Wait for Dusk is again told from Mira´s POV and picks up right where the cliffhanger left us.

Yet again, the story is fast and kept me biting my nails. This time, Danaus and Mira´s journey takes them to Budapest, where trouble is brewing. Once again, Jocelynn Drake´s story easily sucks you into the dark, violent and intrigant world of the nightwalkers. Not only does Mira have to face the constant and ever growing threat of the Naturi, after claiming (rather bloody) her seat in the coven, Mira also has to put up with the scheming and mack-stabbing Macaire and his fledgelings.
Amongst high octane action and political powerplay, Jocelynn Drake once more capitivates her readers with Mira´s and Danaus´s complex relationship. There are tender, playful but also angry and wary moments between our nightwalker and the hunter. The romantic tension in the last books has almost killed me and sometimes I was thinking something like "Come on, do it already...", but in this book, their seemingly doomed relationship takes an important step. Plus, we finally get our way. Brace yourself for some passionate and somewhat anrgy sex. :)
However, especially because of Danaus´s and Mira´s very special if rocky relationship, Danaus´s betrayal in this book was all the more shocking. I found it hard to conciliate after the glimpse of his thoughts and feelings we got after Pray for Dawn.
Valerio and Stephan are very interesting and charismatic sidekicks (even though that does them no justice) and I´m looking forward to read even more about those two in future books. Mira´s archenemy Rowe also makes his appearance in this book, ending with a very surprising and unexpected twist.
Odelia, Veyron and especially Clarion complete this book´s great cast of characters perfectly.
Toss in another mysterious, mighty and very creepy power player who is highly interested in Mira´s special powers and the usual machinations among the pwoerful nightwalker of the coven, "Wait for Dusk" is another excellent addition to the Dark Days series.

Favourite scenes:
As previously mentioned, Mira´s scene with Rowe in Veyron´s house was very surprising. I also enjoyed the more intimate moments between Mira and Danaus- as usual. It´s so great to watch both their characters evolve and grow with each book.

All in all:

Wait for Dusk exceeds once again my expectations is, alongside with Pray for Dawn my most favourite in the Dark Days series. It´s intoxicating, thrilling, fast-paced. Jocelynn Drake´s nightwalkers and their world are definetly one of my all-time favorites! I highly recommend it to all lovers of darker Urban Fantasy and vampires!

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