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Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult
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Jun 16, 10

A few months ago a patron returned this novel and I asked her how she liked it. She said she couldn't finish it, that the subject matter disturbed her, a mother of two. So being a Jodi Picoult fan and not having kids, I told her I would read it for her.

The plot revolves around Nina Frost, an assistant D.A. and mother of five year old Nathaniel. She has tried a lot of child molestation cases and knows the justice system often fails them. Her worst nightmares come true when she finds out her son is now a victim and she decides to take matters into her own hands.

If there is one major flaw with this novel it's the characters. Nina takes the stereotype of a protective mother and runs it into the ground. Her actions seem irrational, causing a chain of events that seem even more irrational. Her husband, Caleb, is a dolt of the worst kind and Picoult makes no effort to flesh him out at all. Combined they aren't the worst parents in a Picoult book (I believe HANDLE WITH CARE wins that trophy), but they are up there.

There are plenty of minor characters to dislike too. Patrick, Nina's childhood friend that would almost seem sweet if he weren't so creepy (he's in love with Nina, something everyone in the book knows except her). Adrienne, the transsexual whom Nina meets in jail that becomes her friend. She belongs in another book, far away from these lame people.

Quentin Brown, maybe the worst character in a Jodi Picoult book too date, is the prosecuter out to convict Nina. In a few scenes he appears, conveniently, out of nowhere in an effort to provide unnecessary twists in the plot. Picoult writes him like a villian, but half-heartedly tries to get you to like him with his lame backstory of being a bad father.

However, underneath the bad characters lies a good story with even better intentions. Picoult does a great job of pointing out the numerous flaws in our justice system when it comes to child molesters. She's also an awesome storyteller that knows how to keep the pages turning. Not her best effort, but not the worst either. Good for a mindless read and not nearly as imposing as the plot might seem.
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