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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
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Jun 16, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: mystery, thriller
Read from June 16 to July 05, 2010

My problems with THE LOST SYMBOL are exactly the same as those of its predecessor, THE DA VINCI CODE: this is an interesting lecture on esoteric history, art and culture hidden within the framework of an uninteresting, contrived, cliched and derivative thriller. Brown had the potential to write a series of really interesting non-fiction titles detailing various mysteries but instead he sells out with these boring and nonsensical books.

THE LOST SYMBOL is extremely hard to read. Every single page is packed with endless exposition as the author describes (in great detail) every single location our characters find themselves. At least half of the book is full of this kind of description that ends up being utterly inconsequential and irrelevant to the rest of the story.

The main character, Langdon, seems to have lost a few brain cells since the last book, seeing as how he's always slow on the uptake here. There's little of the puzzle solving that made CODE so popular. The supporting characters are mostly uninteresting, although I did quite like the hulking villain who's so over the top he might have come straight out of a cartoon.

The plot seems weaker than in CODE. The race-against-time isn't really that and the action is small scale, taking place in just a few buildings in Washington. One thing that's really awful is the ending: the entire book builds up to a huge reveal that's an utter failure and anti-climax. It feels like Brown wrote himself into a corner and fell back on left-overs from CODE.

Sorry, but I just don't "get" this author at all.

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