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Kick-Ass by Mark Millar
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Jun 15, 2010

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Violent? Of's Mark Millar! With the violence (as in Wanted) you get Millar's message that people (his audience) needs to get off their asses and DO SOMETHING. He pokes his target demographic in a number of ways.

I like that the book illustrates the main character getting his ass kicked but NOT quitting or backing down. That's an important message for young men with the domination fantasy of "kicking ass" with out paying any price.

It's more of a psychcological turning point for the main character "Kick-Ass" in that he enters a fight for the right reasons, doesn't quit, and learns that even getting beaten doesn't not equal LOSING. He is not personally diminished by "losing". In fact because he decided to do the right thing in a situation where he knew he was going to pay a physical price he could NOT lose.

He got beyond the male domination paradigm where every male interaction has to be either one is more-than and the other is less-than, there is a winner, or a loser, a victor or vanquished.

It actually enters into Jesue, MLD, Ghandi area. Ghandi for instance stood up to bullies and got beaten down to the ground, but he was NOT diminished by it. The fact that he maintained that he could be beaten but not detered, diminished, or dominated made him rise above his assaliants.

Similar instance in Kick-Ass. (sorry for length, I just wanted to note that).
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