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Here Kitty, Kitty! by Shelly Laurenston
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Jun 15, 10

I'd like to state I'm not a fashionista, nor am I a purist when it comes to someone's vocabulary; personally I swear like a sailor when the situation warrants it. However, after finishing "Here Kitty, Kitty" these are the two glaring problems in this novel that drove me up a wall.

We're constantly being told by the author that the heroine is an extremely fashionable, well-dressed woman who owns what I'm going to assume is a high-end boutique, even though we're never specifically told this. We're told how she dropped twenty thousand dollars on shoes, dresses, camisoles, skirts, etc. for her to wear while she was in NC and yet what does she stroll around in 90% of the time? Shorts and a t-shirt. And not just normal shorts...jean shorts.

A) NO one who knows and wears the designers D&G, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs would be caught DEAD in jean shorts. B) Jean shorts? Is the author stuck in the 90's?

If you're going to spent a fair amount of paragraph space describing, in detail, how fashion-forward the heroine is, then don't immediately contradict yourself by putting her in jean shorts, and t-shirts. I'm pretty sure she also mentioned cut-off jean shorts at one point. Any woman who runs around dressed like that has no room to scoff at chain stores like Old Navy and the GAP, as our esteemed heroine does toward the end of the story.

The second glaring error of this work is the language, specifically the over-abundance of swear words. Not only does the heroine drop the F-bomb with alarming regularity, but the hero refers to her at least 10 times as a `piece of a**'-I'm sorry, but this was just too much. As I stated at the beginning of this review, I've got a bit of my own problem when it comes to swearing but holy-moly, this heroine does not stop. Ever. She actually thinks it's big and bad to run around swearing in nearly every single sentence she utters. If I had this novel in print and took a highlighter to every sentence she vocalized that didn't include f***, or b****, the color would be few and far between.

Even better? Our esteemed hero seems to think it's ok! Uh, news flash to everyone who is NOT from the south and is a little unclear on southern hospitality and southern mores: any man who is a southern gentleman would take one look at this girl and think she was white-trash based on the trash spewing from her mouth non-stop. Southern ladies wouldn't say s***, even if they had a mouthful, and southern gentlemen are likewise as courteous. And have you ever noticed how ignorant and immature people sound when they curse non-stop like that? I started this book thinking the hero and heroine were competent business owners and ended it thinking they would be better suited to working at their local Piggly food baggers.

The only redeeming part of this novel was the epilogue. At least then we were able to see what happened with the characters from the first two novels in the series-where they ended up, that they had their HEAs, etc. I am thoroughly disappointed with this novel-the author had an opportunity to create a decent world with interesting characters and completely dropped the ball in the end.

On a final note: I'm from North Carolina. "Ya'll" is plural, it's a conjugation of `you' and `all,' meaning-more than one person. There were NUMEROUS times the author used this word interchangeably in place of `you all' and the appropriate singular use, `you.' Get it right.
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Cristina (a book away from an episode of hoarders) I don't disagree with most of your review but I just have to say, I was born and raised in Texas and we always used ya'll as singular and plural... Like moose.

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