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Tempting the Enemy by Dee Tenorio
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Jun 25, 2010

really liked it
Read from June 15 to 20, 2010 — I own a copy

There is a serial killer stalking young women and Detective Pale Rysen is assigned to the case. The trail is cold and there are no leads so Jade, who is a Sibile, is brought in to help. The Sibile are a matriarchal order of very powerful and gifted women. This case is personal for Rysen since he is an Alpha werewolf and some of the women who have been killed are shifters. He’s not at all thrilled to have a Sibile on the case and the fact that this particular Sibile happens to be half wolf could prove to be a very big problem.

Jade-Scarlet is half wolf and was raised by the Order of the Sibile in a very strict training environment designed to hone her gifts to become a powerful mercenary. Mostly isolated while growing up her knowledge of the outside world is limited to what she has been taught and what she’s learned from other Sibiles. When she is sent to help solve the recent murders, she gets a bit more than she bargained for. Apparently she is coming into heat and the physical reaction that results between her and Pale could cause them both to come undone before this mystery is solved.

The werewolf packs have been hunted nearly to extinction forcing them to hide their nature while living among the rest of the world. Pale can’t risk exposing his werewolf nature but having Jade working in close quarters makes it difficult to maintain his control. The case they are working on has taken a dangerous turn and the killer they are hunting seems to want them both dead. To make matters worse, since Jade is in heat she is in danger from the brutality of other unmated werewolves.

Tempting the Enemy is a highly charged sensual, romantic suspense. From the the very beginning the sexual and romantic chemistry between Jade and Pale explodes. On the hunt for a killer Pale and Jade must learn to work together despite their differences and undeniable attraction. While there are some very steamy scenes they don’t overpower the story. The mystery and romance is nicely balanced.

Pale has a strong protective nature and his wolf recognizes Jade as his mate. Although his instincts compel him to take her, he holds back until he is sure she is ready. He recognizes great power in Jade and wants her to embrace the wolf inside her she has spent a lifetime denying. I found Pale to be a highly desirable hero. His life is dedicated to protecting his pack, especially the females and children. He is sexy, powerful and dominate but never takes it over the top. Control is his greatest asset.

Jade comes into the story a bit insecure about herself, having been shamed for her dual nature. She grows throughout the story, realizing her self-worth and with Pale’s guidance learns to accept both parts of her nature. She was never really weak or submissive, always willing to stand up to Pale, but nevertheless, she did grow into her own and was a wonderfully strong heroine. She and Pale butt heads and every turn, however the sense that they are a perfect compliment to the other is always present.

Tempting the Enemy introduces a dangerous world leading the reader through an exciting and suspenseful mystery heavily laced with romance and explosive sexual chemistry. As I read I was kept on edge by the suspenseful murder mystery, never knowing what direction the story may take next. That combined with the sexual tension between Jade and Pale made for a fast paced, exciting read. The paranormal world this story is based in is intriguing and exciting and I hope that Ms. Tenorio has plans to expand on this world with future books.

Favorite Quote:

“Don’t make me tell you twice.”

Perversely, she wondered what might happen and felt a quake deep in her belly.
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