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Storm Prey by John Sandford
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Apr 21, 2014

really liked it
bookshelves: crime-mystery, thriller, 5-0, lucas-davenport
Read in June, 2010

Storm Prey is the twentieth entry in the Prey series. Add in the four books about Kidd, three with Virgil Flowers and two stand-alone novels, and that’s a total of twenty-nine John Sandford novels. I’ve read them all, and I’ll probably keep reading if he writes another twenty-nine. So yeah, I guess you could say I'm a fan.

When a group of bikers rob a Minneapolis hospital pharmacy for a fortune in drugs, it seems like the perfect plan. Except that they manage to kill a hospital employee in the process and one of them gets spotted without his mask by a surgeon, Weather Karkinnen. Weather just happens to be the wife of Lucas Davenport, the Minnesota state cop with twenty books worth of experience of chasing criminals.

With the felony murder charge hanging over all of them, the thieves turn on each other and a young psycho biker gets brought in to act as an ad hoc hit man. Despite concern for Weather’s safety, Davenport and his people quickly identify the gang and seem on the verge of wrapping up the whole thing when an unexpected act by of one of the thieves surprises the cops and kicks off a string of ever more violent murders. It’s every man for himself, and Lucas and his friends (including Virgil Flowers popping in from his own series) will have to try and figure out who is killing who while watching Weather’s back. And they’ll also have to keep an eye out for the inside man at the hospital.

At this point, reading a new Davenport book is like getting a visit from an old friend. Sandford is still a master at plotting the cat-and-mouse game between the cops and the criminals, and he still keeps me turning pages way past my bedtime to see what happens next.

My only complaint is that this is the second book in a row to feature a threat to Davenport’s family. He’s used that plot device before so it’s more than a little repetitive that he uses it again so soon after the last book. I do give credit to Sandford for coming up with a logical reason why the very wealthy Davenport simply doesn’t fly Weather out of the country while they deal with the threat. She’s a key member of a surgical team doing a series of tricky operations to separate two conjoined babies so she can’t leave town. That subplot also adds some more drama to the story and helps keep Weather as a vital character and not just a damsel in distress.

Summing up: Smart, tough and funny cops. A beautiful woman in danger. A motorcycle gang. A cold blooded killer. A drug addicted doctor. Conjoined babies. Operating room drama. Robbery. Drugs. Shoot-outs. ‘Roid rage. And hand grenades. All set during a brutal Minnesota winter.

What more could anyone ask for in crime thriller?

Next: Lucas flashbacks to the case that made him a detective in Buried Prey.
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Stephen I can totally understand why people love Sandford but I can't quite give it that fifth star

Kemper Stephen wrote: "I can totally understand why people love Sandford but I can't quite give it that fifth star"

Most are 3 to 4 stars for me, but I have 5 starred a couple that seemed to stand out as just about the best examples of the thriller genre that you're likely to find.

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