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Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey
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Dec 19, 2007

it was amazing
bookshelves: scifi-fantasy
Recommended for: adolescents who think they might be gay or who are put upon

By popular demand (ok a friend asked me to "do the one with the blue-eyed telepathic horses and the owls you could ride on"), a review of the Vanyel books. This series, with it's billowing clouds of adolescent angst, gay boys, and yes, blue-eyed telepathic horses, basically got me through my teenage years. I would lock myself in my room and sob. Oh the tragedy! Oh the gayness! Oh the telepathic horses!

Note: I don't think the owls were in this series. Or the magic valleys where there were lizard servants to cater to your every whim. Yes, lizards magically genetically modified to be slaves but happy about it. Nice huh?
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Amanda Finally, I'm happy to hear that there was another person out there that loved these books when they were a teenager and looks back and wonders exactly why? What is it about Mercedes Lackey books that grabs the teenage soul and makes you say, "I should have a blue-eyed telepathic horse and some happy gay boy friends and other friends who can kick ass with a sword and THEN I'd be happy?" What do you think?

Emma Heh. I remember the day the spell broke for me about these books: I was reading the reviews on Amazon.com and one of the reviewers said something like "There are more sophisticated ways of dealing with emotions than bashing your reader over the head with them". Ouch. But true. Nonetheless, as a teenager in a lot of pain it was sort of like empathy. It gave me faith that someone in the world, at some time, would eventually understand what I was going through, even if my parents didn't. Because after all, Vanyel's parents didn't either. And he got a gay soul mate out of the whole deal. =)

Nakki "Oh the tragedy! Oh the gayness! Oh the telepathic horses!"

I am laughing so hard I'm crying! :D

Oh Kay. Deep breaths.

I'm one of those folks who loved these books growing up (I discovered them at the age of 9) and a decade and change latter I still respond to them in a similar fashion as to when I first read them BUT I am now able to laugh at the ridiculousness of them even while I cry in sympathy with Vanyel and Stendel (the name I use to refer to the Stefen/Tylendel entity).

Lydia Owls and lizards were deffinatly not in this one, that would be the mage winds trilogy which I don't recomend. If you want to read Mercedes Lackey Exiles Honor is good.

Alysa Depends how you define series. The lizards are in Valdemar, just not in Vanyel's trilogy. Owls you can ride on? Nope. Not Valdemar

Eric Not owls you can ride on, just owls. As in the Owlsight trilogy, which is also Valdemar...

Eric (and happens a bit after/toward the end of the Mage Winds/Storm trilogies, iirc. According to
the Owlsight trilogy starts around 1408 "After Founding" (the Vanyel trilogy takes place around 790-808 or so). (The first big series of nine books - starting with Arrows of the Queen - begins around 1373 AF, according to that site, with background somewhat earlier.
I used to be much more of a fan of her writing myself (and it's a relative thing; when I first came across them around 2000 or so (for me, I admit, about a decade and a half later than my teenage years), some of the qualities you (Emma) seem- if I'm interpreting properly- to find a bit pre-processed and potboilerish seemed fresh at the time to me, anyway, even a refreshing change from many of the authors I was mostly otherwise reading. iirc. Which may just say something about them. (Who -else- would end a version of the Firebird as she does (her early version, not her Elemental Masters series etc.)? Quite liked -that- ending when I read it, and the memory of it. Very different from the usual ending of the tale.)

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