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Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
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Jul 11, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: youngadult

How to describe this book? On the one hand, you could say that it's like Mean Girls crossed with Groundhog Day, but that would hardly be doing it justice. Sam Kingston is one of the "mean girls"- the popular girls- at a Connecticut high school. She's having a great day: it's the Friday before Valentine's Day, she's gotten nine roses ("Valograms"), she's going to a party with her friends, and after that she's thinking about going all the way with her boyfriend, the hotter than hot Rob Cokran. But then a tragic car accident cuts the night short, and Sam wakes up . . . back in her bed. It's the same day, only it's morning, and she has the chance to do it all over again. And again. Until she gets it right. But what is "right?"

Lauren Oliver explores the many little moments that make up a day, and a life, as Sam begins to realize how her life was spiraling out of control even before the accident. You smile at one person, snub another, and their day changes, their life changes. You're two minutes late, two minutes early, and again everything changes. The book was brilliant, intricate, with amazing characters and full of so many fascinating little details . . . what people smelled like, what little sounds we hear every day but don't pay attention to, that I was fully gripped by the story and could not put it down. Simply amazing!
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