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Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn
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Nov 30, 11

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** spoiler alert ** This is a pretty good story. But it's far from the best I've ever read. The plot itself is really good and it was definitely enough to keep me turning the pages. But the characters on the other hand........ In a word? Terrible. Kitty for starters was a wimp, the girl's a freaking werewolf! And what does she do when provoked or challenged? Instead of fighting and sticking up for herself, she just inwardly whimpers and whines and externally looks all cowed and scared and subservient. And she lets the guy who's her pack master run roughshod all over her and basically use her! And the pack-master (Carl)? J-E-R-K doesn't even begin to describe him, he uses Kitty and pushes her around and is a total bully. And when his mate (Meg) (more on her later) tries to have Kitty killed and also creates a werewolf to try and have her mate killed, what does he do? She kisses up to him and acts all subservient and crap and he forgives her! And that just pissed me off to no end. And there's also the fact that he has sex with Kitty in spite of the fact that he already has a mate! And not only does Meg know, but she doesn't seem to care. And Kitty willingly has sex with him. That element is what turned me off most of all, when you're seriously involved with someone you don't sleep with other people, period. As for Meg, nasty and petty doesn't even begin to describe her, like I mentioned she tried to have Kitty killed and have Carl killed. Why? Because Kitty does start to show some backbone and she doesn't like that. And as for Carl, it seems to be because she wants to be pack-master, but doesn't have the guts to fight for herself. *Gag* How simultaneously petty and spineless can you get? To be honest, I flat out hated Carl and Meg. As for the other characters? There was one, Cormac who I actually liked a fair amount, he was a pretty interesting character and he wasn't a jerk. But the author decided to give him a mustache, and I don't like mustaches (too many Burt Reynolds associations *shudder*), that aside though I liked him. And the rest of the characters ranged from interesting to unremarkable, some I liked, some I didn't and some I was neutral on. The plot on the other hand was pretty good and about the only thing that kept me from giving up on this book entirely. The whole Midnight Hour radio show where the supernatural and undead can call in and get advice from Kitty? Very cool, and I just all around enjoyed it And the secondary plot of the rogue werewolf murdering girls? Pretty good, if somewhat predictable. But I did like the ending, it was nice to see Kitty break free of her abusive pack and grow as a person. Final verdict, while I didn't love this, I did like it and the storyline is interesting enough that I will be giving book 2 a spin. The plot itself=4 stars. The characters=2 stars.
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08/08/2010 page 162
59.0% "I seem to have landed on another stick-with-it series. I'm liking this, but i'm not loving it. The story line itself is pretty cool. But the characters aren't so great. Kitty is kind of a wimp and some of the rest are flat-out jerks. And there are some elements i don't like at all. I'm reserving full judgement until i finish this. But suffice it to say, i probably won't be buying my own copy."

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Timm Higgins You don't understand pack mentality do you? If you're at the end of the line in a pack, you are the submissive one.

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