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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
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Aug 30, 2011

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Pride and Prejudice
By Jane Austen
432 pp. Sterling Publications
ISBN: 1-593-08324-6

Before my summer vacation began, I took a good look at my bookshelves and spotted Pride and Prejudice. I instantly knew that it would be a part of my reading list for the summer. Like other novels such as, Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mocking Bird, Pride and Prejudice is another example of classic fiction. Therefore, I considered its popularity and knew that I had to read it.
Pride and Prejudice was not entirely what I expected it to be because of the effect that its plot had on me. Its storyline consists of a young woman by the name of Elizabeth Bennett and her struggle to understand her own heart. Elizabeth and her four sisters are required to get married while they are still young. While the beginning of the book focuses on Elizabeth's older sister, Jane, and her relationship with a wealthy, handsome, young man named Mr. Bingley, it later turns to the main characters, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy at a ball held by Mr. Bingley, who is good friends with Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth immediately finds Mr. Darcy to be an arrogant, self absorbed and relentless man. Darcy, on the other hand, had high standards in women, yet ironically so, exceptionally pretty, Elizabeth caught his attention. From then on, it was evident to me that this young man and woman would transform their bond and feelings from negative to positive.
Pride and Prejudice is known to be a part of classic literature, not only because of its storyline, but because of its representation of English society in its setting. It clearly expresses the differences between men and women and the differences between the rich and the poor. Although it took me longer to read this novel than I expected it to, it was worth it. This book is classically written because it holds drama, as well as history. I recommend it to everyone and to not only read as an assignment for school, but rather during their free time.

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