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Highlander In Her Bed by Allie Mackay
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Jun 18, 11

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Wow, the ratings on this book are pretty much all 1 and 2 stars. Wish I'd checked before I read it.

My reason for the low rating was that Mara was an idiot. I liked Alex, but he basically cursed himself to haunt his bridal bed for 700 years because the MacDougalls betrayed him and killed his men. His bride set it all up. Then Colin MacDougall (the one who kills him) takes his bride and the bed. Then he screws up Alex's reputation and history has him down as a rat and an all around bad guy.

So I'm thinking the key to getting him out of his ghostly state is to clear his name, right? Apparently not, since they never did that, and he even names his son after Colin. Riight.

It pissed me off because it wasn't just a small grievance like cattle rieving-it was betrayal to the Bruce, and slander. But Alex never really set Mara straight on any of that if your cause is so all-fired important that you haunt your enemies for 700 years, I find it hard to believe that you'll name your first-born son after the man who killed you.

But that's just me.
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(Kelly)~Got Fiction?~ Oakes I didn't say the books were good, just loaned them to you! LOL

♡Karlyn P♡ Good review Laura! I see I gave this 3-stars, which was probably quite generous considering how I remember this book. I never did read anymore by this author, but I will say the premise was good - just not well executed. I remember going back through the book to count how many times the hero/heroine actually had a meaningful conversation, and it was just a few times. They were fantasizing about each other, but to fall in love after just a few quick conversations was just one part of this story I didn't buy. Ah well, at least there are hundreds of yummy highlander romances books for us to enjoy!

Laura the Highland Hussy @Kelly- lol it's okay :) I'm sending them on back with a couple others of yours this week :)

@KarlynP- I might skip Highlander in Her Dreams and go to Tall Dark and Kilted, but I might skim it to see if it's worth the read first...I'll report back here for all y'all

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