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Warped by Maurissa Guibord
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May 22, 11

it was ok
bookshelves: 2011_publish, fantasy, young-adult, 2011-debut-author-challenge
Read from May 15 to 19, 2011

Tessa's father has just bought a bunch of old books at an auction. Oddly, there is also a tapestry with the lot, one with a unicorn at the center. After Tessa tugs on a thread handing out of the tapestry, she releases a young man who has been trapped inside since the early 1500s. However, she's also incited the wrath of the witch that put him there, and the three Fates that weave our lives.

Warped was a bit too over the top for my own suspension of disbelief. It began fine enough. The Fates weaving lives, and having threads stolen was an interesting premise to start the book. I also got excited when it was revealed that the star of the story lives above her father's used book store. A recipe for success!

Reading on, I soon became aware that I'm probably the wrong kind of person to read this book. There is a point when Tessa's father explains about the old book that came with the manuscript. He mentions that it's a mystery how a book that old is in such good condition, and the pages should be crumbling. This told me that Guibord must not have much experience with rare books. Paper from the early 1500s was much different than paper today, and much of it is still in very good shape. I've seen many 500 year old books that are in far better condition than my personal copy of Harry Potter. In the same passage, they describe the book as being written in medieval English and Latin (it doesn't make sense for it to be medieval English--for this period it should be early modern). When we see the diary, however, it is perfectly modern English, just in a fancy font. I wish the writing had been historically consistent. Again, as a rare book librarian, maybe I'm not the ideal audience for this book.

As for the characters, Grey Lily and the Norn (the name for the Fates) all came across as cartoonish rather than menacing. At no time did I ever feel like any character was ever in any real danger. Tessa and Will's romance also seemed sudden, as did his immediate acceptance of all things modern.

When it came down to it, the writing was too weak for me to let go and get wrapped up in the story, and without that, I just couldn't buy into what Guibord was selling.

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