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Tabula Rasa by Tory Temple
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Jun 11, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: romance, queer, fiction
Read in June, 2010

I picked up this book because it was listed on a "cowboy" theme of books and the premise seemed interesting. I have a soft spot for 'players' that turn around and become loyal.

It was...ah...okay.

I'll start with the likes:

* The characters were really interesting some/most of the time. I enjoyed how the main character had to struggle with money and his emotions.

* The horse bits all seemed on the up-and-up. This was a horse heavy book but it never poked me the wrong way. This is a great relief.

* I enjoyed that they weren't struggling with the whole "coming out" thing. I don't know if it was completely believable, but I allowed it as the case in the world because it wasn't meant to be the focus. It's refreshing to not have it as the focus.


* Before reading this, Angel Martinez made comment about how M/M stories are set to have a certain number of sex scenes and whether this is good or not. Obviously I read this book with M/M Romance in mind, meaning yes, sex would happen.

It was just a bit...much. It is varied (which I can handle) but just way too often. Maybe not too often, but when sex wasn't happening, detailed masturbation was happening. I felt like the sex was cluttering the story. If you like sex-heavy, this may be for you.

* Plot. There was plot, it was there, it just felt a little..holey. There was a beginning, middle and end, but toward the end I felt like we were being fed sugar cookies after being promises flan and cheesecake. (spoilery type things ahead)

(consider yourself warned)

We are given a character with alot of shady dealings, a rough personality and some behavior traits that usually lead to flashing lights. In fact, one of the characters warns the main character about these flashing lights. We are never really given explanation.

Obviously we are limited by the novel's perspective, but there were some gaping holes in Cash's history that would explain why he was a jerk, why he slept around, why he stopped doing drugs (etc), why he acted sweet as rain when he lost chunks of his memory. When the end came, I said..."Ummm, what?" I got a happy ending, but it wasn't satisfying.

I'm not saying the author should tell us everything, or explain everything, but I'm pretty sure the main character would like an explanation about at least a few of these things. So would I.
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