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Wicked City by Hideyuki Kikuchi
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Jun 11, 10

bookshelves: fantasy
Read in June, 2010

** spoiler alert **
This novel is interesting in a couple of respects. For one, it’s actually 25 years old. I knew it was older but I thought about only 15 and it’s by the author of Vampire Hunter D and these into anime/manga know that classic. Wicked City also had a one shot anime and I have no idea why I like it or this novel. They are utterly male sex fantasy, heavy on the tentacles. Yes, Makie, the female has immense power in this but she does end up on the bad end of a gang rape. Taki, also sort of gets raped and tortured but there is far less detail on that. Oh and Black Guardsmen can apparently use their talents to enhance sex…and expect some of the demons to turn into vaginas with teeth.

See? I had to spoil that bit just to give the proper warnings. So why in the hell would I read this or own the anime? I don’t know. There’s something compelling about it in spite of the misogyny. It’s an alternative earth that knows there is a demon dimension that some times intersects with ours. Some of the demons are friendly. Most aren’t. The Black Guard, who possess high Psychic Powers (PP), are pretty much the border patrol and police force rolled into one.

It’s time to sign the Peace agreement for 500 years this time. Taki believes his job is to guard the mystic, Mr. Mayart, until the man can sign the accord. In 24 hours every malcontent demon will want them dead. Taki is assigned a partner, Makie, a demon in a beautiful human form. Together they try to keep the ridiculously sexually active Mayart under wraps, failing miserably and meeting demons, rape and torture at every turn until an ending neither of them expects. What is to be said about this? I have no idea why I like it. I shouldn’t given its attitudes towards females but somehow I do. It’s highly erotica and graphic both in sex and violence so…Now I’m just curious how they pulled off the live action movie that’s on the cover of the book.

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