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The 5 Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly
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Jul 10, 2010

liked it

In comparison to the previous books in the series, I was disappointed by this book. I felt it didn't do sufficient justice to an amazing first book (Seven Ancient Wonders) or a fairly good - if contrived - second book (Six Sacred Stones).

Let me tell you why.

1. My main gripe was that there were too many disposable bad guys. Several plausible antagonists were already introduced in Six Sacred Stones: Wolf and the Americans, Iolanthe and whoever backed her, the Saudis with Scimitar and Vulture, Mao and the Chinese and Tanaka and his Japanese doomsday cult.

In this book, in _addition_ to all those bad guys from the previous book, we have: Karnov, Cieran, Diane Cassidy and Muniz. Granted, some of them are in alliance, but as has been demonstrated throughout the series, alliances are brittle.

In my opinion, the original villains from Six Sacred Stones were more than sufficient to carry the rest of the story with them. It was completely unnecessary to introduce the super-villain Karnov. The entire Cieran-Zoe backstory was also largely irrelevant.

2. There were some nice plot angles that might have been developed a bit more. The whole Zoe-Iolanthe thing could have been fleshed out a bit more, as well as the Lily-Alby dynamic. Basically, I'm opposed to leaving half the cast in torture tanks while West and Lily do a duet through the rest of the show.

3. The idea of Jack being the Fifth Greatest Warrior is too obvious. Not only that, it takes the entire book for the characters to figure it out, at which point it suddenly seems obvious to them too.

That said, how can I argue with a book that gives the Ultimate Power to a twelve year old?

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