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Time Transit by Kay Austin
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Jun 09, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: scifi-rom, romance
Read in October, 2008

In Time Transit, we meet Maude, a Time Traveler from the future. Her job is to travel through time on specific missions assigned by the ruling body of Scientific minds called, "Core". She is a Time Rogue, a time traveler, and she's good at what she does.

On one of her previous missions she met and fell hard for one cowboy slash brilliant mind from the 21st century named, Gil. But Romance is one thing a Rogue is not allowed, so when that mission was over, Core erased each of their minds supposedly leaving them with no memory of each other and for Gil, his trip through time. Only Maude does remember and though she doesn't know it, so does he- well, at least partially. So when they encounter each other once again purely by accident- yeah, right- it doesn't take long til the complete memories of their shared past come rushing back.

Yes, through some unforeseen circumstances, Gil has been swept back to the future with Maude and they know they shouldn't get any closer. He is what's called Era Essential to his time- i.e. he can't remain in the future because he's important to his time. And her life as the top Rogue traveler is about to begin. But when they suddenly find she doesn't have much time to live, a race begins to find the answer to her survival that will take them through time and space and back again.

Time Transit is nothing if not Sci Fi Action/Adventure and it's done fairly well in this novel- especially the Sci Fi part. However the other hook to this line- the romance part- I had some issues with.

Since I had not read any previous books, I was a bit lost to their shared history although the author did try to reveal it in the beginning pages. As such I never really got why these two fell for each other- other than they were hot for each other's bodies. I felt no connection to either of them and because of this the book took some time for me to get into it. And even when I did- and it was only because of the Sci Fi spin on it- I didn't love it.

If you are not a Sci Fi fan, I'm thinking you're really not going to like this book at all, because it's all it has going for it, unfortunately.

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