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Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins
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Jun 09, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from October 23 to 24, 2010

My Thoughts: Wow, Wow, Wow, what can I possibly say? I reviewed Hex Hall a few months ago and like I said before, I was hesitate about this series but than I read Hex Hall and I loved it. So of course I was looking forward to Demonglass but I wasn't sure if it would be as good. Demonglass outshined my expectations, it was even better than Hex Hall!!!! We are back with Sophie who has spent the last few months trying to get over that fateful night she lost a lot. Her dad's back in the picture, her friend is dead, her beloved Archer is missing (or hiding). Whats a girl to do?

Her dad shows up and suggests taking Sophie back to his house (or maybe not his house exactly) and she wants to bring Jenna with her. Her dad agrees and he also suggests a mystery guest as well. Who is the mystery guest? Cal! Remember Cal, he was the guy that was a few years older that stayed on campus when he graduated and more or less became the janitor. He heals people. Yep, that Cal. Why on earth is Cal coming I asked myself? Well, on page 18, I got my answer and I laughed so hard I thought I was going to cry. I loved that!!!!

Of course leaving the school, Sophie gets a strange feeling that all 3 of them will not be returning. Sophie and her friends go back to the mansion aka Thorne Abbey. There they spend the next few months discovering secrets about Sophie's heritage, and just how powerful she really is. The Eye is still out to get her as well, and Archer shows up a lot throughout the book.

Of course Sophie doesn't know who she should really trust. When it comes down to it, everyone seems hunky dory on the outside but Sophie starts wondering about her dad's "friends," who Archer "really" is, and just how many people she can really trust.

With a new set of characters, more intensity in Sophie's life, the fact that the school may not be what it seems, and the Eye out to kill her, Demonglass was a hit!

Let me finish by saying this, I really liked Archer in the first book but after getting to know Cal, my feelings started leaning towards him and I desperately wanted something to really happen between Sophie and him. And everything he sacrificed made me feel so giddy I wanted to jump up and down with excitement. But of course she's still got it bad for Archer! How do you choose between a super powerful warlock and a hot older healer? Decisions, decisions.

Demonglass was AWESOME! And of course it ends with such a cliffhanger that Demonglass will make people want to cry because as of right now, they can't run to the bookstore and get the next book! Write faster Hawkins!

Overall: Loved Demonglass!!! Love Sophie, Cal, Jenna, Archer, her dad, just everyone!!!

Cover: It's awesome. Love it. Its even nicer than Hex Hall! Beautiful cover!

What I'd Give It: 5/5 Cupcakes

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29.0% "so freaking good. like this even more than Hex Hall!"

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Isamlq dear lord! i want to read this as well...

Sherry Told you! It was so awesome, I can't wait over a year for book 3 o_O

Brooke I'm so jealous!! Where did you get this one from?!

message 4: by Sara (new) - added it

Sara Oliveira Me too! Where can I get an early copy! and when does Hex Hall 3 come ouT!!!!!!

Liliana Saquicela please!!!i'd like to know how you got to read demonglass early!!! and where i can get an early copy!!!

Julie loved this book too, and i agree it got better in the next book. I know -who to choose ..

Anisa GIVE ME YOUR ARC! hahaha jealous.

*Circus Freak* Hutton If you were nice you would give us a hint!

Heidy i thought it was supposed to come out on february... :(

A.M Bells Great review. And yaay! I actually liked Cal more then Archer from the beginning. I'm so happy to hear that he will develop more in Demonglass.

Princess Bookie Sorry, I didn't even know people had commented on this! I got it for review and put it on the tour website!

Nishtha I'm guessing that cal is the one she is promised too!! I remember how in the hex hall they talked about when a kid turns 13 they get promised to a guy!!

If that's true!! I so hoping that we could meet the guy sophie is promised to but I was hoping for some new hot gorgeous guy!!

Chisom OMG i JUST finished reading the book and couldn't agree with u more! It was FANTASTIC! And actually better than Hex Hall which is really a shock since i just loved it, but since demonglass better....... I'm waaay beyond loving! *giddy like a 12 yr old* lol It's soooo hard 2 pick who 2 go with! I mean i love Acher n all and he also made me swoon in demonglass but Cal Cal Cal........Cal is just so wonderful! Oh i wonder who she'll pick :)

message 14: by nine (new) - rated it 5 stars

nine At first i was totally not understanding who cal was? Then i remembered and i was like ohh that CAL! This book sounds like it was amazing and i can't wait till i get this weekend! Yay! :) Thanks so much for your review

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