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Raiders' Ransom by Emily Diamand
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It's the 22nd century, and much of the world is under water. Technology was blamed for the collapse, and now there are no "modern" conveniences in the Last Ten Counties of England. Lilly lives in one of the fishing villages in England; she operates a small fishing boat with the help of her seacat, Cat. She hopes to earn enough to get a larger boat and make a living with her best friend Andy. But everything goes horribly wrong when raiders attack her village, killing her grandmother and kidnapping the Prime Minister's daughter. Now the Prime Minister blames the village for the attack and the loss of his daughter. He locks up the fishing captains and "recruits" the rest of the men into his army, planning to use them to begin an all-out war against the raiders. Lilly, afraid that her friend Andy will be killed in battle and that the fishing captains will be hung as traitors, steals a valuable jewel and sets off with Cat to ransom the Prime Minister's daughter and prove her village's innocence.

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