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Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden
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This is the first book in the series that caused a borrowing frenzy in the school library. Seven teenagers camping in the bush. Australia gets invaded. And the teens go militia :) First published in 1993, it's just as awesome today. And *drumroll* the movie is coming to the big screen this year! It's the biggest budgeted movie ever made in Australia. I hope it makes the whole world go crazy over these books!

This is my absolute favourite series ever and I cannot recommend it enough to adults and teens alike.

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John Marsden
“the biggest risk is to take no risk. or to take crazy risks.”
John Marsden, Tomorrow, When the War Began

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Aleeeeeza I AM FINALLY GOING TO READ THIS NEXT MONTH. i am really effing excited<3333

Nomes oh i so hope you love it. it is my fave series of all time. i am so nostalgically in love with the characters (i re-read the whole series again last year and still loved it the same)

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I need to finish this series. I think I got to book 3. I ordered them from Arrow book club (do you remember that? do they still have that??) in year 6 and I was all omg am I seriously aloud to be reading this?! way better than BSC :)

message 4: by Reynje (new)

Reynje Arrow Book Club!! Oh, that brings back memories... :D That was the highlight of primary school for me!

Wendy Darling I've heard such great things about this series. Did you end up liking the film, Nomes?

Nomes @ Trinity: Arrow book club is awesome. and YES they still have it :) I get copies from my kids and also hand them out at school :)

@ Wendy: yes, i did love the film (it was awesome seeing my characters on screen) but i think without having loved the series beforehand, i would have just liked the film in a regular way, if you get what i mean ;)

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Yay! I can't wait for my yougin to start bringing it home...tho that might be a while. I agree re the film, I got tingles haha but would've been different going in cold.

Nomes oh i had tingles too. i even cried (view spoiler) i think b/c i already knew and loved the characters i loved them before they even came on the screen. and i loved them for everything i knew they were going to go through in the future...

LOL @ the youngin' they have FOUR different book clubs they bring home: arrow, lucky, scholastic, and ... mind blank... ;))

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Now I want to watch it again :)
Lucky! Ha yes with that cat, awesome. At the moment she's only interested in eating books but some could argue that her love for them is just that intense ;)

Wendy Darling Gotcha. I'll definitely read before watching. :) I'm glad the movie did it some justice, though! They so often don't.

Cass -  Words on Paper Reading it now! The gang are enjoying their time in Hell as I type this. ;) Yeah, I'm not that far in this. Woot woot!

Nomes Oh I am so glad you're reading this Cass! The first book in the series is definitely the weakest, IMO. They get better as they go along... really addictive :)

and nice to see you Cass (it's been a while ;) I have hardly been around)

Cass -  Words on Paper Well I have watched the movie so I do know roughly what happens. If you say this is the weakest of the series then the series (as a whole) must be amazing! I'm noticing a LOT more detail in the book though (also I hardly knew each character's name until the near end in the movie, but that's normal for me :P).

I know you were overseas. Hope you had a nice time. :) I'm nearing the end of semester, which means exams and unpaid time working & learning at the hospital! Bleh. I can't wait for mid-November to roll around so I can try and thin out my TBR stack.

Nomes Oh, I loved being at uni but there were patches of the year that were just totally insane with exams and prac and assignments. I pulled so many all-nighters. That semester over feeling will be amazing though :)

Good luck with everything!

(I did go overseas, it was awesome. It's weird getting back to regular life now...)

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Ceecee what did you think of the movie?

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