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The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
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Jan 10, 2008

it was ok
bookshelves: fiction
Read in December, 2007

Although I read this book avidly, I was mostly disappointed in it. It really needed a Good editor! THe author does not seem to know what the book is about. I could have enjoyed the books theme of how secrets destroy relationships and how everyone has secrets, but it had to branch out and become a women's lib story and a rights of the disabled story - I was waiting for the cancer victims story and surprised it didn't surface. This author does not have the experience or excellence to tackle all those topics well.

The book begins with the birth of twins. THe father is an MD and a snowstorm puts him in a situation of delivering his own children. One child is fine, the other he diagnoses immediately as having Downs (I think it harder to diagnose than was presented). He immediately decides to get rid of the Down's child by telling the nurse to take it to an insitution. His rationale is that he is protecting his wife who is a perfectionist. I was touched by the theme of giving away the baby and keeping it secret - if he had just stayed with this theme. THere were a number of the scenes about loss that were well done. I felt that the author must have first hand knowledge of Down's children and also of loss. I also liked the portrayal of the sister sister bond - so different but still so in sync.

However, there were so many extraneous and unsupportable diversions and unnecessary, irritating, distracting characters with no purpose. There is also much that verges on hokey - the main character it turns out "lost" his last name in a mix up while applying for college.

Overall, skip this book. I am sure there are better stories of loss and of Down syndrome.

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