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24 Girls in 7 Days by Alex Bradley
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Jun 06, 2010

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bookshelves: funny, awkward-boys, prom, high-school, relationships, young-adult-fiction, realistic, borrowed-from-the-library
Read in April, 2005

Desperate for a prom date, Jack Grammar tries his own version of speed dating. It starts off with his awkward conversation with Pamela who seems interested, then weirded out. She turns him down. That’s when Jack’s friends Natalie, Dan, and Percy decide that they should run a personals ad for him in the school newspaper to help him get a date and help him meet new people. He finds out about it the next week when they inform him that 140 girls have responded to his ad. Jack is stunned. How can so many women be interested in him? Soon, girls are calling him, emailing him, running up to him on the street and in the hallways at school trying to get his attention and trying to be his prom dates. His friends weed the responses down to 24 from which he must make his prom date decision. It’s kind of scary at first, then kind of fun, then kind of overwhelming. And Jack doesn’t seem to be getting a whole lot closer to finding his ideal woman. There are a few strong contenders – one “Fancypants” who keeps emailing and IMing him; she’s intriguing and quirky and wise, but she’s not even on the list... There are a lot of surprises in store for Jack, not all of them unpleasant (like kissing lessons). And he does eventually find a date for the prom…but it’s not who you’d expect.

Do any guys really really want to go to prom? I guess it’s possible. But I wonder if it’s really about the dancing or just about the opportunity to hang with their friends or get some action? And this sort of turns into Jack’s desire to find the ideal woman, rather than just a date to prom (it’s the search for THE ONE) which is probably too much to expect for/from a first relationship.

A fun fast read - everything is compressed into this one week of frenetic activity and you’ll get caught up in the energy and moved right along with it. Entertaining and full of silly.

First off, Jenny Wester. Junior. Cheerleader. Even during summers she spent her time at cheerleading camp. She also liked movies, dancing, hanging out with her friends, and kittens. I told her that in all honesty, I thought those things were pretty fun, too. I asked her what her favorite class was and she asked me to repeat the question.

“Like, which class is the one you look forward to most?” I said.

“Huh,” she said, as if it was something she’d never considered before. She shrugged,
“Math? Is that the right answer?”

“Well, there really isn’t a right or wrong answer per se. I’m just trying to get an idea of what you like, what your favorite things are.”

“Oh! Some of my favorite foods are buffalo wings and French fries.”

“Yum,” I said.

“And pizza!”

“Oh, man, pizza’s great,” I said. “So great.”

“My favorite color is berry.”


“It’s kind of half purple and half pink. See?”

She showed me her fingernails, which were indeed painted a berry color. “Very fetching,” I said, and as I struggled to figure out how to fill up the remaining 12 minutes in our date, a rubber ball came flying through the air and hit Jenny in the head. It was the kind of ball that didn’t hurt.

“Ow!” she said, looking around for the perpetrator. The kids were milling around together, and it was difficult to tell who had thrown it. Then Jenny said an impressive thing: “Which one of you stupid little snot-nosed brats threw that?”
And thus our date ended.
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