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Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
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Jan 17, 2012

really liked it
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Read in January, 2012

Aww, this book was pure paranormal fluff. I thought from the cover (which is gorgeous, but has nothing to do with the feel of the book itself) that this would be one of those super angsty Fallen kind of books. But it was more cheeky than that.

This is the story of Evie, an orphan who has been raised by the International Paranormal Containment Agency because of her unique ability to see through paranormal creatures’ glamors. She gets sent out on assignments to bag & tag paranormals for the Agency. What she really wants is to go to a normal high school and be around people her own age. She has a pseudo-mother figure in the Director of her unit and a best friend who is a mermaid, but she wants more social options. Enter Lend, a cute boy and shapeshifter who breaks into the Agency and is subdued by Evie. Romantic sparks ensue? You betcha. There’s also a mysterious evil slaughtering paranormals throughout the world and a creepy and maliciously charming Fae that keeps trying to gain control over Evie (though the Agency doesn’t believe her about this, because they arrogantly believe they have control over the fairies who work for them).

Evie is much less dumb than her paranormal YA contemporaries. While she considers some of the normal stupid tropes – My Love Interest Will Abandon Me When He Finds Out What I’m Really Capable Of So I Won’t Tell Him The Truth; I Must Run Away To Protect The Ones I Love; etc. –she actually ends up TALKING ABOUT THINGS TO PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP HER. This is a miracle. Thank you, Evie. Thank you, Ms. White. There is nothing more annoying than a heroine who throws herself into danger because she is incapable of having a conversation that could resolve almost all her anxieties.

I was happy that there was minimal relationship drama. Evie is capable and cheery and Lend is charming and decent. There is some worry on Evie’s part over her relationship with Lend, but with minimal angsting. Evie and Lend come together as two lonely people who appreciate what’s unique in each other and just have fun hanging out. It seems healthy and normal and nice.

While the writing was not a thing of beauty, it was breezy enough. I wouldn’t say I loved the book, but I had fun with it.

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