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Song Yet Sung by James McBride
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Dec 07, 08

it was amazing

I am in the middle of reading this vivid and powerful book and am really enjoying it. Reading about slavery is always so hard and so upsetting - it took me forever to get through The Known World which is a tough read but also great...

but Song Yet Sung is really beautiful at the same time as giving the reader a real sense of hopelessness. It is such a clear portrayal of the rampant fear and confusion that everyone who was a part of slavery must have felt. So far, what I love the most are the visions of the future that Liz, the main character has. She has dreams of "young black men in great cities who shoot another from horseless carriages, of fat children who cried of starvation and ran from books like they were poison...of whites who laughed with joy and smiled with glee at being called (the n word)." Wow...looking forward to seeing where James McBride takes the rest of this story.

...Finished this book quite some time ago and it has still stuck with me. There are many intense scenes -especially those including Patty Cannon, the tough slave catcher who works with a group of thugs, tracking Liz. I had never heard of this historical figure (Patty Cannon) who was a real person so it was very interesting to learn about this person. Also, the communication via quilting was beautifully written. Overall, a wonderful novel, written without overly fancy language and providing a startling read filled with suspense.

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