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Grave Sins by Jenna Maclaine
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4,5 stars

The second book of Cin Crave. You can read the review of the first book here :

Take place 13 years after the event of Wages of Sin. Dulcinea Macgregor Craven, once human, now she is a vampire, change her name to Cin Craven. With her lover, a Scotland soldier when he still alive, Michael a.k.a Devil's Archangel, her close friend, opera singer and once a mistress of King Louise, Justine, a.k.a Devil's Justice. And with their leader, Justine's lover, an English Knight Devlin. They're all known as The Righteous. A band of vampire that deliver justice and punish rogue vampires and those that againts The High King's law.

When Cin spend her time with her human friend Fiona, at her old home, a man visit him. He is Drake, a High King's sentinel and bring an assigment. Drake want Cin to insvetigating murder case that had done by Queen of The Western Land, Marakesh. That's mean, Cin must leave London and go to Edinburgh. A place where King and Queen of The Western Land rule.

After she arrived at Edinburgh, Cin meet Macleod, Marakesh's husband and also King of The Wester Land, with his loyal guards Hasim and Khalid. Cin had guess that Marakesh is guilty over murder case at Edinburgh. But MacLeod not believe her, he still think his wife is innocent. When wandering in the castle Cin met Marakesh. Bound and delusional. That's when Cin know someone cast a magic at MacLeod's castle...

Cin's investigation don't do well. MacLeod still believe his wife is innocent, his guards act suspiciously, and Cin don't know who the magician that hold the castle. Not to forget how Drake try to seduce her over and over, make Michael jealous. Things getting worse when Cin accidentally use her black magic when see Michael fight with vampires that attack MacLeod's castle. Michael, Justine and Devlin are affraid and worried with Cin's safety after she use her magic.

Cin and Michael's relationship are rocky, especially after Michael see Drake embrace Cin (even actually he hold her when Cin fall from the stair). So Michael decide to go to calm himself with Belinda, MacLeod's guest.Of course that make Cin's heart broke...

Is it true Marakesh is a killer? If not who the real culprit? Who the magician that can't be detect by Cin? Can Cin control her black magic? Then, the most important, can Cin and Michael mend their relationship?

This book is better than the first. We can see how Cin's character is develop from a mere Viscount daughter to a new born vampire, then become vampire and witch. Her relationship with Michael is up and down. Michael think he not deserve Cin, since in the past he just a gardener (even he make it into Scotland's soldier), and Cin is noble, so they fight because of that. But Michael is the ideal lover for Cin. He's not too tall (just 5 ft 10 inch) but his sword skill that make his enemy afraid of him. And of course with his appearance,,with his dark blonde hair and his piercing eyes, that make Cin melt when see Michael ;)). And their making love scene is sooo passionate, make me want to fanning myself.

We will know about vampire hierarchy at Europe. Where they divide Europe into 2 place, Western and Eastern. We also will know about Marakesh's past, and later it will help Cin to mend her relationship with Michael. Who's the culprit and the conspiracy that vampires do at MacLeod's castle.

If you like vampire, historical setting, witch, ass kick heroine, sexy hero, read this series. ASAP!

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message 1: by Rosabelle (new)

Rosabelle Purnama Ren ini bagus ya?

message 2: by Ren (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ren Bagus kok, kalo menurut aku sih :D
Tadi mau bikin pake bahasa Inggris, tapi agak males, apa aku bikin Inggris aja yah, secara, da yang tanya2 tadi di buku pertama ^^

message 3: by Rosabelle (new)

Rosabelle Purnama he he tadi udah langsung nyari ibuk-nya karena dikasih 5 bintang ama ren.. langsung dapat ibuk-nya tiga2nya..

iyaa aku kalo masukin review pake inggris, soalnya goodreads friends-nya banyak yg dari luar.. kalau pake bahasa indo mereka gak ngerti hehe

message 4: by Ren (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ren Ross,biasanya sih aku kasih bintang terlalu murah hati loh,kek Chiko,hehehe :D

Tapi coba baca aja dulu ^^

Aku mood2an kalo nulis ripiu,lagian bahasa Inggrisku juga ga begitu bagus *shy*

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