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Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jun 01, 2010

did not like it

I'm not going to say much about this book cause there was nothing good about it. I did not rush out to buy it on the release date and instead had to bring myself to read it cause I was scared to. I was honestly hoping that the author saved the series in this book but was sorely disappointed.

This author (Laurell Hamilton) and her books is the reason I actually joined Goodreads, cause I was tired of buying her books and being disappointed. In my opinion this authors writing has been going downhill for awhile. Her Anita Blake series is no longer the same one it was in the first 7 or so books. and as for Meredith Gentry it has gone downhill even faster. I no longer buy her book settling instead for reading them from the library or in the bookstore.
Here is why I no longer like her books. 1. the editing is terrible. So many times I am reading along and notice a double word or misspelled word and it bothers me. Not to mention how repetitive she is. I think she copy pastes alot of the lines in her books. 2. She rushes so much through the books anymore. She contradicts herself so many times anymore in the later books from what she says in the earlier ones. 3. She butchers the original characters personality's and changes them to whatever she wants.
Honestly I have been severely disappointed with her newer books. The seem rushed and out of character. Where was that bad ass Anita I used to like and the quick thinking intelligent Merry I read about. Now both characters have been reduced to slow, incompetent, sex maniacs. I would no longer suggest the books to a friend except to warn them or tell them only to read the earlier ones. I personally believe that Laurell Hamilton is a dying author and we won't see much of her in a few years except more broken books.
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