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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
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Jun 01, 2010

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Read in July, 2010

No better or worse than any of the others. Matched the pace and style of the first book more: lots of slow, detailed descriptive details about the logistics of vampires, followed by action.

I'm still confused about Meyer's inability to combine providing information and logistics about her characters with narrative progress. It's like in Moby Dick, when Melville does the chapters, "Now I'm going to tell you about whales," except she's not that intentional or didactic. (Or, dare I say it, boring?) Tolkien seemed to have it figured out: tell what you can tell within the narrative, and then add appendices for everything you can't fit in.

There was less "chuckling" in this book. I think of Edward every time I hear that word now.

But it was still fun to read. I'm ready to watch the movies now ;)

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Caroline  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. (I don't know why I'm laughing, I'm halfway through Eclipse)

Anna Are you laughing because I'm reading it simultaneously with Daisy Miller? Or because I have a perfectly good Julia Glass novel sitting on my nightstand? Please ask my why!

Just got mad men season II from Holly at lunch today, so maybe will get caught up in that and distracted for the ridiculous "saga" of Bella & Edward.

Caroline  This is totally the smartest thing I've ever read about SMeyer's writing style. Most people are too busy mocking sparkly vampires, or whatever.

I thought the first movie was a lot of fun, the second one was okay. Supposedly the 3rd is good, too, for variable values of good.

Anna Our blockbuster is closing, and already sold all their copies of Twilight, so I can't get my hands on the movie. Not quite desperate enough to sign up for NetFlix though.

Caroline  You'll discover the 21st century one of these days. . .

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