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Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz
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Jun 01, 10

Read in May, 2010

Point Blanc is the second book in the Alex Rider series. The spy agency M16 are trying to link to mysterious deaths of very famous and rich people whose sons both go to a strange boarding school in the Frech Alps. Because it is a boarding school they cant just send in an adult spy so they send Alex Rider their 14 year old spy. The boarding school is for the rich and famous's bad behavor children so for a week alex must live with a rich and famous person in England who owns a large grocery store chain and act like their kid. They nust also change his appearance to make him look like some one who did have bad behavor. Before he gets to the school the assistant princible says that the helicopter they are taking needs to refuel so they stop in Paris and go to a hotel. Alex is told to eat dinner in the restaraunt in the basement of the hotel with the assistant princable and she drugs his drink so that when he gets back to his room he will fall into a deep sleep. After he is knocked-out they lower his bed into a room further below the basement where they examine him and take many pictures of him from all different angles. The next day they get to the boarding school and meets the other students and realize all of them except for one do everything the same way . For example they eat the same way they have the same laugh and so on. Weeks later Alex decides to some looking around and jumps out his window onto the newly fallen snow. He breaks in the the unlcked front which seems odd because his is locked. After he is in the building again he starts wondereing around and hears his new friend who isn't like the others screaming and being pulled down a stair case to the basement floor which is off limits to him. The next morning he goes to his friend and asks him if was o.k. and still wanted to escape. But unlike the day before he said that it would be wrong and that maybe it would be better to stay and learn. THen Alex noticed the weirdest part his friend now ate like the ohter boys at the school and had started doing everything like them. He decides it's time to contact M16 with a special radio built into a c.d. player thatt sends a signal to M16 saying that he is in distress. A week goes by and M16 still hasn't showed up and Alex decides that he is on his own because they haven't come yet. The next day he goes to the forbidden second and third floor. He discovers that everything on all of the floors are exactly the same except for the laundry room and a room with all the cameras. After looking at all of the roojms he discovers that everything down to a short that was left on the floor had been copied. He goes back to his room before anybody disca=overs that he had been sneaking around the upstairs levels. The third time he goes wandering is at night and instead of going around the building through the front door he picks the lock on his door and sneaks down to the basement where he discovers that all of the kids that where sent here and realizes that all of the good versions were copies that were altered to like the real version. Unfortunately there were hidden microphones in the cells and the gaurds rushed down to get Alex. After getting caught and locked in his room he used the power saw that was built into the cd player and cuts a snow baord shape out of the iron board. He jumps out of his window and ties the board to his feet with cloth. Right before he starts on his way down he hears the guards snow mobiles getting ready to come after him. He starts on his way down picking up more and more speed as he gets further down until the board is shaking because he is going so fast. As he gets toward the bottom he sees a guard station with a machine gun before he gets to the other side of the railroad tracks. He sees a ramp looking pile of snow by the side of the railroad tracks and a train is coming so picks up as much speed as he can hits the jump and lands on the roof of the train but on a turn gets flung off and is injured. The next morning the assistant princible gest bews from the hospital that he is dead and leaves. Hours later Mrs.Jones come in and meets with Alex. She tells him that he must go back with wolf and the rest of the sas squad to rescue the boys from their cells. When they get to the base ment they alert one of teh guards so they all start firing their guns and Alex is told to get out so when he gets to the upper floor he sees Dr.Greif picks a gun and shoots as he is climbing into a helicopter flown by teh assistant princible and then returns to normal life. They also find out that the two murdeers were because the good version of the two kids didn't work out so they couldn't send them back to their families.

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