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Sweet Temptation by Maya Banks
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Jun 13, 2010

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“Wanted to Love, But Had Trouble Finding My Groove”

The Plot: The fourth book in Maya Banks’s Sweet series tells the story of Micah. Micah’s mysterious past comes to full light in this book—the tragic story of how his wife and best friend were killed in a tragic car accident and how he abandoned his best friend’s kid sister, Angelina, in Miami when he fled the city trying to escape his past. But, Angelina is now all grown up and has been longing for Micah for years, waiting for him to move past the loss of his wife and to be able to love again. Taking cues that he is finally ready, Angelina moves to Houston to try to seduce Micah and, while she finds his friends more than welcoming, Micah is resistant to her advances at best. On top of this, Angelina’s mysterious Miami stalker has followed her to Houston and begun threatening her and her newfound friends.

Zelda’s Take: In the first three books of the Sweet series, Micah comes off as a true-blue kind of guy. He’s good looking, likes to play, a hard worker and extremely loyal to his friends. What we don’t see lurking below the surface is that he has run from his old life Miami, from the memories of his wife and lover… his best friends. We find that he has also run from the orphaned kid-sister of his best friend, whom he’d promised his best friend he’d care for in the event anything ever happened to him. He just walked. And forgot about her. It’s kind of sad.

So Micah is obviously damaged goods—he has baggage and emotional issues that would be hard for anyone to move beyond. That being said, he responds to Angelina in what I felt was a really rude and inappropriate manner. He’s downright mean to her when he is obviously attracted to her at the same time. Not only is he downright mean to her, but I feel he also uses her when he tells her that he’ll play with her sexually, but won’t ever give her anything more. Micah character fail. Boo.

Which moves us to the play. And, oh, does Micah play with Angelina. He takes this girl every which way to Sunday and there’s no question he likes it rough with some pretty hard-core BDSM. As with some of Banks’s previous Sweet books, it is the sex in this one that redeems it in my eyes. Despite this, what bugs me is that Angelina is willing to take any- and everything that Micah throws her way without expecting anything in return from him. She is happy enough to just give herself to him despite the fact that that he is wholly disrespectful of her. I have issues with weak women who won’t stand up for themselves, and have a hard time respecting Angelina for forsaking so much of herself here.

On top of this, with the stalker/kidnapper Banks has brought in another nefarious plotline that seems a bit too ancillary to be real and relevant to the story. I just found it unecessary and a bit contrived. Not to mention Micah’s seemingly miraculous turnaround once he knows Angelina is in danger… all of a sudden he is a changed man!

So, unfortunately, as hot as I thought Micah was going into this book and as excited as I was to get some more time with him in the House, his treatment of Angelina in this book really bothered me. Sure, I get that he was struggling through his issues, but I just don’t see that as a worthy enough excuse. That being said, the sex was still hot, so I can say that it’s still a worthy read for some good BDSM play, but if it had to float on it’s plot and character-development alone, we’d have a swiftly sinking ship.

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