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The Awakening by M.L. Lacy
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Jun 01, 2010

it was ok
Read from June 29 to July 02, 2010

this was a very interesting premise for a book. I do not think it should be considered as a young adult book though. The main characters are in their 30's and 40's and there is somewhat descriptive sex scenes as well as a sexual theme throughout the entire book. The characters all sleep with one another to "bond" in the vampire clan. It might be a bit much for teens who are just now discovering their sexuality. The writing was also done in ways in which the reader could get easily confused. The author would make a reference to something but not explain where it came from or the reference was so subtle as to be confusing. The main character, Aubrey, is rather like two separate people rather than one person going through changes. At times she seems very weak and vulnerable; she let her ex-husband control her and beat her and now sleeps with her body in a fetal position, if she sleeps at all. All of a sudden, she is a strong female who dominates the males and directs/controls those in authority. There does not seem to be any time between these two sides of Aubrey in which the reader can see why she changed so fast or at least a progression in her mind that she may doubt, at least for a while, her strength. Aubrey also seems described as rather plain in both looks and personality, which is fine, but does not explain her sensuality/charisma with other people. I think that if this book were marketed for adults in the fantasy genre, it may do better. I won book two of this series from Goodreads and it took quite a bit of effort to find the first book. None of the bookstores had it in stock and it was close to $40.00 online. Luckily, someone at a bookstore ordered it for me and gave me a deal. I will be reading the second book...the premise is interesting enough and I want to review it because I won it but I am hoping the 2nd book outdoes the first book in letting readers know exactly what is going on instead of barely hinting or not telling at all and that the reader gets to be able to know the main characters more personally.

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