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Divergent by Veronica Roth
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Jun 01, 2010

really liked it
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Read from May 09 to 11, 2011

Divergent is a well deserving contributor to the dystopian genre. It’s intriguing and exciting, complete with all the elements that make a true dystopian novel that violent, dangerous, failing society that draws readers in with suspense, and makes them wonder what life would be like in a dystopian world where they have limited choices of how they want to live, and where danger lurks around every corner. Veronica Roth does not shy away from violence, or contemptuous feelings, where hatred and betrayal and fear dominate. But she doesn’t let her readers despair completely or have no hope, she sets moments of light into the story, having little moments of normalness of teen living, letting them grow and live and laugh and love. Though sometimes it seems like there’s nothing to live for, there’s always a way, and always someone who cares for you.

Some people compare it to The Hunger Games, which may be only because of the violence kind of for the same cause, Hunger Games was for a show, Divergent was for training and determining rank. But they’re honestly quite different. Obviously they’re both dystopian, so there will be some similarities, a controlling society that wishes to keep that control, or tighten it, and then having people who rebel. But there are several differences. The Hunger Games trilogy is depressing and sadistic, (but still managing to be entirely engrossing). Divergent, while having some moments of sadness, and some perhaps uncomfortable violent scenes, isn’t nearly as bad as Hunger Games. It has more light, more fun. I still love The Hunger Games trilogy, (except for Mockingjay, which was a bitter disappointment in my eyes), but Divergent was easier to read because I didn’t feel depressed or disgusted. Although...(Don't click unless you want the novel spoiled)--> (view spoiler)

That being said, I don’t think it needed to be so long. It’s mostly training, and tension and fights between Tris and her enemies, and then some romance. I didn't dislike the length, I was fine with it, but the beginning might seem to drag for some people, and perhaps could have been shortened. But near the ending of the book I was riveted as the plot had finally fully unfolded (though there are still some questions) and there was finally a mission, they were finally doing something to fight the people controlling them. The prose was really easy to read, it was to the point and kept me for the most part interested. Reading it got me through the book quickly, so I didn’t feel bogged down by the length, but I didn’t like it all the time. I felt that it could have been better in some parts, and have more fluidity. The style of the writing was fitting for the genre, it just could have a little better.

Divergent will attract many people, and I think making it into a movie will be a good investment. When I think about it, I think it will make a pretty cool movie, I’d probably really like it. Although, according to IMDB, it will come out in 2015. That’s a long way away. At least I’m assuming that’s the one. In any case, Divergent is a fun, engaging read and I’m excited to read the sequels.
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Cindy Lucky girl!! I pre-ordered it but it got lumped in with another pre-order! So it is still not in my hands:( but soon, it has left the warehouse :) This one sounds really good, lots of great reviews! enjoy!!

Erica (daydreamer) Ah, that's too bad. Usually when I preorder books, but also order already released books, the released books come right then in a different package. Anyway, Divergent does sound really good. So far I'm really liking it, though there is a lot of violence. What other book did you preorder?

Cindy Ya! That's how mine use to work too, I don't know what happen. However now I watch how I group my orders together. I have a couple of orders were usually I would have one. I'm glad to hear Divergent is good. Well I ordered Tempest Rising, Die For Me, Tantalize, The Luxe 1. I would have thought some of them would have made it. I am excited to get reading my knew ones, this month had a lot of good releases! XP

message 4: by Erica (daydreamer) (last edited May 10, 2011 03:33PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Erica (daydreamer) I just ordered Tempest Rising and Die For Me too! There are WAY too many good releases coming in the next several months. And I seriously need to start controlling how much I buy, becuase I can't buy all of them. It's quite depressing actually.

Cindy I know the feeling, my little part time job is over so now I have to stick to my budget that is good but not the same. I hated having to choose between them all.*sigh* I noticed too that there are a ton of great books coming out! I can hardly wait! I am going to start a book blog so I can get books that way. I like writing reviews, its fun! XD

Erica (daydreamer) A blog would be fun, good luck with that :)

Cindy Thanks, I will really need it!

Cindy Anxiously awaiting your review!XD

Cindy Thanks Erica:) Great review, looking forward to reading this one ( when it finally gets here.) What are you reading next?

Erica (daydreamer) Well, in my hoping that my order of books will get here today, I'll read Die for Me. If not, well..don't know. Maybe I'll write, or think about writing...

Cindy Die for Me I hope is good! Good luck with your writing and thinking:)

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