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May 31, 2010

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** So here are my predictions for the Last Sacrifice.

First of all I think Tasha Ozera killed the queen. If you go back to Rhonda's reading it says that she has an enemy and implies that it is a woman and at the time Rose thinks its Tatiana so she just dismisses it but I think that it is really Tasha. She is smart and clever and I think she has a Victor complex and she thinks shes doing it to better the Moroi and dhampir society. Abe is clearly going to break Rose out of jail because he promised her she wouldn't go to trial, so he is obviously going too break her out before the trial even begins and she is going to go on a journey to find Lissa half sis/bro (which I agree could be Jill.) Clearly Dimitri still loves Rose and is just saying that "love fades. mine has." because he doesn't want to hurt her anymore then he has. But i think he is going to do everything in his power to protect her from the royal guard and he's going to admit that he still loves hers. I have a feeling that Rose is going to come threw and find Lissa's sibling so that she gets her seat on the Royal Court and I also think she could potentially be the next queen.

As for the "Last Sacrifice" title I think that it could be two possible options. Option one is that is is Rose's sacrifice because clearly she already has sacrificed so much and she is going to sacrifice her career has a guardian to be with Dimitri. This theory come from Blood Promise when Avery looked through Roses mind, maybe her spirit abilities allowed her to look too the future and she and Dimitri really will end up together. Which means Lissa and Christian will end up together and would live at Court. If this happens then I hope Adrian ends up with someone because I love him and I sort of want him to be with Rose but I'm torn. I think that he will end up saving someones life like Sydney and then she will be shadow-kissed and it will save him from the madness and they will fall in love. (she did admit that she thought he was attractive in Spirit Bound)

Okay so option two. The "Last Sacrifice" could be Dimitri's sacrifice. I feel that if he isn't able to get over the things he did as a Strogi then he is going to end up dying somehow by sacrificing himself to save Rose somehow. It is going to be some dramatic seen and he is going to tell Rose that he has always loved her and he would rather die so that she could be happy. If this happens then I think Rose and Adrian will end up getting married and having children and they will live at court and Lissa and Christian will be there too. I also think that its possible that Eddie and Mia will hook up and maybe the spin-off series will follow them also with Sydney and Lissa's half bro/sis.
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Yasmin Ortiz I don't think Abe is going to break her out of prison considering he's the one that set her up. That's how the book ended, Abe telling her that she would be executed.

Ritney I don't think Abe set her up at all. Abe is trying to help her. Why would he set up is own daughter? I mean why would he go through all the trouble of trying to keep her safe if Blood Promise if he just wanted her executed? The book ended with Rose telling Abe that she didn't want to go to jail and he said that everyone knows that you don't go to jail for high treason you get executed (that doesn't mean he set her up).

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I prefer your first option .... ^^
Dimitri just CANNOT die !!! It's not possible ! They've already been through too much things (Roza and He) ! It has to be a happy end ! I like Adrian but he's not the one for Rose, that's all ! But considering your first thought it's more than possible .... she loves Dimitri so much she could really sacrifice her career .... And if she can be happy that way then it is good ! :)
And I agree with you : Abe loves her. He'll do everything he can to put her out of jail. For sure.
P.S : Sorry if there are some mistakes but I'm French so ... ^^
It is not translate in French so I must read those books in English and talk about it with American or British readers because none of my friends know them ... Suck. :(

Georgie Okay...why do we think Jill is the half-sister?

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Well, she doesn't know his father and her mother was a dancer so .... why not ?! ^^

Georgie Okay... Yeah. And Jill is well-liked. I missed the part about her not knowing her father, I guess.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Maybe I'm wrong ... As I said earlier, I'm French so it's possible I didn't understand everything about her father's story ... :)

Alexis I want it to Be the first option don't get me wrong Im totally am for Adrain but Dimitri can't die that would suck but either would be a really good end and I agree with ur predictions but I don't think Abe set her up. Can't wait for the last one it's my favorite series! These books kicks twilights ass!

message 9: by Jenyy (new) - added it

Jenyy SYDNEY PERFECT ive been wondering who adrian should end up with but i couldnt think of anyone but SYDNEY IS PERFECTTTT thanks :)

SimBim Oh My God, this is how I WISH the book will turn out. From Dimka and Roza loving each other RIGHT DOWN TO SYDNEY AND ADRIAN!
It's like you read my mind!!! Soooo hope this happens

SimBim The first one, not Dimitri dying...okay?

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I think we got it .. ^^
Totally agree with you ! :)

SimBim Lol. I just reaaaaaly love Dimitri!

message 14: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 05, 2010 08:36AM) (new)

LOL, it's so obvious that you hate Tasha just because Dimitri likes her. And also this shit don't make sense.
Clearly Dimitri still loves Rose and is just saying that "love fades. mine has." because he doesn't want to hurt her anymore then he has.

Ofcourse he didn't want to hurt her precious feelings, that's why she was crying and hurt.

That was sarcasm by the way. *eyeroll*

message 15: by Sara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sara Grossaint I agree with the second option, in part. I don't think that it will go so far as to say "and they all lived happily ever after with marriage and babies and shit," but I do think Dimitri will end up sacrificing himself in some way in order to save Rose. It's what I'm hoping, at least. Because Adrian is my favorite. I want him and Rose to be happy, plox.

message 16: by P.E. (new) - rated it 5 stars

P.E. Those are awesome predictions, first of all. I'm part of the minority and I hope that Adrian will end up with Rose, so I like the seond option better.

message 17: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Omg FINALLY someone else who agrees with me about Tasha!

Impresiones de Libros I agree with option one but not with option two. It's not possible because the sacrifice came from Rose, not from Dimitri, Rose is the principal character.

About Jill.. she is not Lissa's half sis/bro, Lissa hates Jill and would be too many coincidences.

Well, it's my opinion, and I love Adrian but I love Dimitri too. I don't know... this is very frustrating!

Brittany Tarchala I have a sneaky feeling that maybe it'll be the other way? Maybe Adrian will sacrifice for Rose knowing she can be with Dimitri or the other way. I can't see a happy ending from the sacrifice being either Rose or Lissa.

I think your prediction that it's Tasha is RIGHT on. I hadn't really thought about who I suspected, but that sounds like a great guess.

Ritney Leah wrote: "LOL, it's so obvious that you hate Tasha just because Dimitri likes her. And also this shit don't make sense.
Clearly Dimitri still loves Rose and is just saying that "love fades. mine has." becau..."

I said that because he doesn't want to hurt her anymore than he has. he wants to break ties with her so she can move on and be happy because he knows he can't give her what she needs. I also don't hate Tasha. I think she is smart and clever.. thats why I think it's her.

Stephanie T damn ....your predictions are pretty smart...i can really imagine tasha doing something like that bt i'm not really convinced then again in the first book i was like aww the viktor guy seems nice...them "BAM" he's kidnapping and torturing Lissa .

prediction 1 - i yet again doubt Rose would sacrifice everything she worked for just to be with dimitri its another stupid mistake... I mean she already onced pickd him over her best friend and if she sacrife her whole career as a guardian wouldnt her relationship with her mother go back to 0. I like rose but the whole reason i like the series its because well, rose is completly different from the other typical girls in vamp book aka bella (FAIL !) elena (only on the show)they are weak rose is kicks ass, throughout the series she keeps talking about how she cannot become a typical housewife its not who she is...

Prediction 2 - I wouldnt be suprised if he sacrificed himself, th whole love fades crap, i dnt buy that shit ! bt damn i love adrian and rose more .I used to like dimitri bt then came adrian, at first i though he was gonna try to kill lissa or something but them he really grew on me. He's can give rose her career and still b somehow with her like if she she becomes his guardian .... oh and the only couple taht beats everybody is LISSA & CHRISTIAN...she's getting that throne ..
wowo sorry kinda long i think

Shelby I agree with you on everything you said. Very Nice. I am just hoping Dimitri doesn't die because if he does, then I will too.

message 23: by Amy (new)

Amy i agree dimitri and rose should be together. in fact i think shes pregnant

Ain020596 Rose can't be pregnant. 2 dhampirs can't produce a baby. It has to me Moroi/moroi or Moroi/dhampir. And I'm happy if Rose doesn't become a mother. That would end up wayy too "happy ending" for me.
I really hope the first prediction or something close to it comes true. I love Dimitri too much. He's too vital, and we just plain adore him. I like Adrian, but he just doesn't feel right for Rose. They don't balance out each other as perfectly as Dimitri and Rose do. I really think I'll crawl under the covers and just die if they don't end up together.
Your prediction of Tasha sounds pretty spot on but I'm still not so sure. Anything can happen! One more month to the answers:)

message 25: by Ali (new)

Ali How can Jill be her half brother/sister though? Jill was human wasn't she? :S A moroi + a human = dhampir or a moroi + a moroi = a moroi.... any way you look at it with a moroi father the child couldnt be human.. right?

message 26: by Ain020596 (last edited Nov 30, 2010 05:17AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ain020596 Um...Jill is most definitely not human. She's IN St. Vlad's. How can she be human? She's Moroi. Humans are not in the academy and do not know about dhampirs or moroi.
And by the way, Moroi can only reproduce with another moroi or with a Dhampir. Dhampirs can only reproduce with Moroi.

Moroi + Moroi = Moroi
Moroi + Dhampir = Dhampir.

That's why dhampirs work for the Moroi. The Moroi are the only way their race can continue. They cannot reproduce with one of their own kind. (Which is why Rose and Dimitri did not use birth control. There is no risk of a child between them.) However, the Moroi can reproduce with one of their kind as well as a Dhampir.

I don't think Moroi and humans can reproduce, because I dont remember that mentioned at all.

But anyway, Jill is most definitely Moroi.
Quoted from the book:

I watched him go and set my own box down. Leaning against a wall, I glanced around and nearly jumped when I saw a Moroi girl only a couple of feet away. She'd been standing so perfectly still, I hadn't noticed her. She looked like she could be mid-teens--thirteen or fourteen--but she was tall, much taller than me. The slimness of her Moroi built made her look even taller. Her hair was a cloud of brown curls, and she had freckles--rare among the normally pale Moroi--across her face. Her eyes widened when she saw me looking at her.
"Oh. My. God. You're Rose Hathaway aren't you?"

(That was the introduction to the character Jill in Shadow Kiss page 124.) And as you can see, Jill is most definitely moroi and therefore her father would definitely have to be Moroi. Because Lissa's dad is Moroi and Jill doesn't know who her father is, it might totally be possible.

Lytasha i agree with alot of your predictions about tasha. i always suspected her because in the first book, victor tells rose he has people working for him that you would never suspect. also i dont think richelle would base a whole series around rose and dimitri for them not to end up together. it would make the books somewhat pointless in my opinion.

i think the sacrifice will be made by adrian, he would do anything for rose. and i think the half sis/bro of lissa will be a new character. all these characters people are mentioning in the series all have mentioned parents except for jill, but if someone is going through so much trouble to hide the fact she has a sibling why would it be someone at st. vlads, but then it can be one of those things that has been in front of you the entire time.

also dimitri loves rose. he has never stopped. he just doesnt want to keep hurting her so he makes up some lie to get her to give up on him. as she mentions in the ending of spirit bound, she knows the look dimitri gives her, means he would do anything for her.

Lilmissmaddie I always thought it would have been Thomas who killed the queen. I believe that Thomas made a deal with Victor that if he killed the queen, Victor would get Robert to bring Ms Karp back from a Strigoi. Thats my conspiricy theory. And the sacrafice would be Ms Karp, because she would commit suicide because she felt guilty about her actions as a Strigoi. Thats what I think..,

message 29: by Mmirnam (new)

Mmirnam I love Adrian and I don't want to see anything bad happen to him. I kinda want Rose to be with Adrian but I know that Dimitri and Rose are just perfect for each other. Actually if I was in the Vampire Academy world I would want to be with Adrian and Let Dimitri be with Rose!!!

message 30: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy yep, definateley tasha ozera.


Rid3r OMG@!!!!!!!!

Rid3r O.M.G!!!!!!!!

Alli_evilangel omg i wanna read the book its all a dam mistery

Bethany Wow you people are good at predicting!! I'm not gonna give anything away cause of the great book but I'd never have guessed a lot of that stuff.(:

Scribblegirl lol; love those predictions. I didnt see half of that coming, at all. Very happy with how the book turned out, but sad to have no more new Rose adventures to look forward to!

Manteltje Please put a spoiler alert on it :-(

message 38: by Sara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sara Grossaint Manteltje wrote: "Please put a spoiler alert on it :-("

Dude. This book is 2 and a half years old. If you're worried about spoilers don't get on here.

message 39: by Ana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ana Laura OmG! I hope it ends like the first option! But I think Ambrose kill the queen! I mean, he said he was going to talk to her after he talked to rose! And he is the one who gives rose the letter! So that tells us that he must have seen the queen after that and the queen must have known that she was going to die. Or at least that's what I think!

David Whovian Why do people rate a book 5 stars before they've even read it? And then never actually review it after reading it? I don't understand...

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