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Where am I Wearing by Kelsey Timmerman
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May 31, 10

I really appreciate this book. Give it a chance its not depressing or preachy, and it doesn't simplify the issues involved. It's part travelogue so really at times its quite entertaining, even funny. The author is from small town Ohio and has this weird need to travel to strange places (I identify just a bit ;) He decides to meet the people who produce his clothes and write about it. Consumerism is something I think a lot about anymore, and how do I consume in the best way possible for the world in general, not just myself. Is it cheaper to buy up all the crap on Old Navy clearance racks, yes, but I began to stop doing it when I made myself think about the way people making the clothes lived. However, I also understood that people want jobs in those settings, and a horrible job may be better than nothing. Timmerman doesn't simplify the issue for you or make you think, if you just boycott Nike that will take care of it, and i really appreciate that. The book takes us through the culture of poverty that the producers of our goods live with, and even confronts us with the fact that in a difficult place like Bangledesh, there may be worse things than child labor. He definitely wants us to think before we buy, but realize the problems in the world won't go away with halfhearted boycotts here and there. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

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