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Empire of Night by Justin Somper
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Jan 12, 2011

it was amazing
Read in January, 2011

** spoiler alert ** H-O-L-Y C-O-w! This one was amazing! Easlily the best book out of the series so far. I got super into it, and couldn't put it down.
I got EXTREMELY mad when grace kissed johnny, i was freaking out. Just ask my friends at lunch or in German class. Then, when she started dissing her TRUE love, Lorcan, that made me even more angry.
And what was with her and Connor, thinking they would like to stay on the Blood Captaiin forever?! Stuipd kids. At least they came to their senses. Or, maybe they were just putting on a show and was really doing their missions for the nocturnals and pirate federation. I personally think it was both, but when Bart was killed (which I freaked out at)and Grace saw Lorcan again for real it clicked into their head exactly what Sidorio and Lola were.
Now, with Obsidian Drake. The mysterious man upon the Blood Captain. In the end when he decides to take Grace on the taking-over of the Tiger I assumed that he could be an ally towards the Nocturnals, and I was somewhat right. He wasn't just an ally, he was the FREAKIN CAPTAIN! I started bouncing up and down when I read this, because then I knew that many things could be resolved with just him standing there. It was a huge reasurrance.
Even though this book made me super mad, it was definetely not like Mockingjay, or Inkdeath, where the series was kind of ruined for me. Everytime I got mad at this, I hungrily reached back for it to read more.
I totally recommend this series to everyone!!!!
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