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The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman
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May 29, 2010

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So Christoper Buckley wrote this review in The New York Times which was basically, “OMG! BEST BOOK EVER! TOM PLEASE RESPOND POSITIVELY TO MY FACEBOOK FRIEND REQUEST AND MAYBE LET ME BEAR YOUR CHILDREN? <3333” Immediately, every freakin' person who came in my store was like, “Do you have...*desperate sigh* The Imperfectionists?” And then I had to tell them it was backordered because the publishers hadn't expected Christopher Buckley to propose marriage to Tom Rachman in The New York Times and therefore hadn't printed enough copies. And then some of them would sneer and tell me that they'd just get it on Amazon, even though Amazon didn't have it either. So that was fun.

Nevertheless, I really wanted to read this book, too, because 1) it's about journalists, 2) it's set in Italy, 3) it's got a great title, and 4) it had Christopher Buckley offering to deep-throat the author in the national press. Fortunately my mom snagged one of the first reprint copies and let me borrow it/allowed me to liberate the copy reserved under her name in the days before she had time to come pick it up. Yes, my mom has read this book, too, which means she will probably be reading this review, which means she just saw item No. 4 on the list up there. Sorry, Mom. I got carried away.

Anyway, my slightly illicit copy of this book made the reading of it seem even more exciting. I curled up on the couch and ploughed through the whole thing in an afternoon.

It was okay.

I mean, it was fine. Parts were funny. Other parts—the Cairo section in particular—were stretching the funny pretty thin. Rachman really doesn't take advantage of his setting, though—it's ITALY, and yet it might as well have been Akron, Ohio. And it doesn't really build to anything. Christopher, you promised me—in between doodling lots of pink hearts around Tom Rachman's name—that it builds to something: something so amazing, you imply with a dreamy sigh, the name “Tom” tripping breathlessly off your lips, that I'll want to read the book twice in a row. Eh. Once was enough. I certainly didn't feel the need to clutch my mom's copy to my chest and elope with it to Majorca, as you suggested to Tom. How's the honeymoon going, by the way? I may mock, but I gotta say: I really do hope you crazy kids can make it work.
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message 1: by Julie (new)

Julie Have you no more to say? I want details!

Trin I'm horribly behind on all my reviews! But I promise to tell you more in person when you come to pick up your copy, also known as the copy I illicitly borrowed. Er.

message 3: by Julie (new)

Julie I hereby make you licit!

Trin Thank you! I'm glad I'm starting to catch up a little. Sort of.

message 5: by Moira (new) - added it

Moira Russell Very funny!

message 6: by Jason (new)

Jason Great review.

message 7: by Alicia (new) - added it

Alicia This is such a wonderful review that it makes me want to read your novel. You do have a novel, don't you? I certainly hope so.

Carmen Great review! :) I hated this book.

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