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The Umbrella Academy, Vol 2 by Gerard Way
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Jun 12, 2010

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I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first volume. I felt that there wasn't a coherent enough motivation for what some characters did and it was just way too confusing. I enjoy crazy time travel as much as the next person (hello, LOST lover over here) but this just went bat shit crazy.

So Number five is going back in time to prevent his older self (because he is already a 60 year old dude trapped in a 10 year old's body) from not assassinating President Kennedy. Because now he needs to assassinate him or some secret society of time traveling assassins will go back in time and kill his birth mother. And that's just ONE of the story lines, just one of the characters' problems.

Seance is famous somehow now, The Kraken is still fighting crime, Rumor lost her voice thanks to Vanya, who is now bedridden and seems to be in a coma. I still really enjoy the characters and their love/hate relationship with each other. Although I am getting tired of Space just zooming off after every volume to go "find himself." Listen, man, when you're alone on the moon for however many years and then by yourself in the jungles of Vietnam for three (more time traveling, do NOT ask) you'd think he'd have enough me time.

And I'm glad we got to see Pogo again, for however short it was. Still can't believe he's dead.

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