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Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
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Jul 31, 10

VERY graphic. I think those from the medical field would appreciate this book the most. It was a bit difficult not to be squeamish about some of the conditions and procedures described unless you have the type of background that makes you be able to look at it impartially.

Impact of political climate was interesting...

Wow, now looking at all the raving reviews I have the distinct feeling that I am supposed to have missed something... but I really thought the whole thing was kind of disjointed and ho-hum. I would really have liked to get into Shiva's head more. He was very indifferent about some things when it came to human relations, but obviously loved his brother by his actions. I really wanted to know what motivated Shiva in his passion for gynecology and fistulas. It seemed to be single minded, and I wanted to know why. I thought Marion's time in America was most interesting and seemed to move the novel along more than before. I honestly liked him better away from his Ethiopian family.

The novel definitely had a masculine feel - written by a man and about men, and I figured that was partly the reason why it didn't sit well with me. It talked an inordinant amount about testicles and vulvas. And sexual maturity at 11, 12, 13 was kind of a hard concept for me. So was the probationer's attraction to a 14 yr old.

I will have the image of a vulva distorted by a giant cyst in my mind for a while, as well as the description of using the "steak" of a vulva to repair a fistula. That may well be the only memories I keep from this book. But I didn't hate it, thus the "it was okay" star.

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