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Still Summer by Jacquelyn Mitchard
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May 29, 2010

it was ok
Read from May 29 to July 17, 2010

** spoiler alert ** good enough suspense. dragged along with all the background info on each character suddenly suddenly appearing late in the story. Seemed to be put there just to drag out the story.
The characters did not act intelligently or logically once the trouble started. Instead of fighting with each other about past history, normal peolple would have been focused on how to get back and how to help themselves. forgetting some of the things they had that could help them was not logical like the distress signals and the jib sail. Why they didn't throw the smugglers overboard when they had the chance is beyond me. But they didn't really work as a team and missed so many opportunities to help themselves.
I'm really surprized that the boat captain jumped overboard leaving the passengers alone to help someone who was in a boat and had some survival equipment. Seems like the captains obligation should have been to keep the passengers safe. Also it isn't that easy to kick the stern line of a 50 foot boat into the water. I'm also surprized that the line was left there to fall in like that. This isn't a tiny little rope but rather a thick one. They would have put it securely away until they got closer to docking. Michel's poor judgement in getting back to the boat didn't seem logical either. He knew the risks. I wonder if they could have stayed in the tender until the sea calmed a little. They could have tossed out a line and secured the tender to the boat and hauled Cammie and Michel along.

Also why weren't they eating the shortening that Tracey was putting on her face? That would have provided calories at least.

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