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I Hadn't Meant to Tell You This by Jacqueline Woodson
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Feb 03, 08

Read in February, 2008

I hadn't meant to tell you this by Jacqueline Woodson is told in 3rd person. Marie is a black girl and Lena is a white girl. Marie dresses nice and preppy because she's rich, while Lena dresses raggedy because she's poor. Nobody wouldv'e thought they would ever be friends because of their race.But Lena has a secret she has never told anyone until she tells first Marie doesn't believe her because she thinks she just said that so she could feel soory for Lena. When she finally learns the truth she wants to tell somebody, anyone but she can't because she promised and Lena dosn't want anthing to happen to her dad. Even though he does bad things to her, she still loves him as a daddy.He and her lil sister are the only things she has left. What Marie doesn't do which she should have, wouldv'e helped Lena stay.
The author did a great job writing this book. She used the settings,theme,climax,and resolution and was very understanding....I think she wrote this book because alot of kids and teenagerts have expierienced this and tell the person they are more close to, to keep it a secret because they don't wanna get hurt. I liked the story it was interesting. I gave this book a 5 out of 5 because i liked it and was based on a point that happens to people aroung the world.Losing someone and trying to cope with it, and keeping a secret even though it would have saved a life. At the end it was sad to read because of what happened but throughout the book was very interesting.
"we are all just people"........

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