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The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong
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May 26, 2010

it was ok

From a marketing perspective this is a good book. Proven author, popular series and a storyline that draws the reader in. The Reckoning has everything it needs to get read and make sales.

Probably by now you are getting the impression there is a hitch. Unfortunately being a problem with the end I am unable to continue without SPOILERS of some form.

As fans will recall, Chloe our necromancer protagonist has gotten herself away from the Edison Group, a group of dubious supernatural experimenters with no one's other then themselves' best interest in mind.

The Reckoning largely deals with the Chloe's allies (the other children from the institute) striking back at the Edison Group. Everything about the storyline is good, loose ends are tied up, relationships are solidified, and the action adventure tension builds as the heroes find themselves in the clutches of the Edison Group again.

Then the balloon pops. "Oh its my Dad." one of the boys of whom I cannot tell apart says. Plot ends.

(remember SPOILERS) You see, one of the main themes of the series is Chloe's ever increasing power and whether its going to get her into trouble or if she's going to become more dangerous than the bad guys ever were. Well it turns out her powers won't. In fact they manifest in a perfect manner to solve all the heroes problems, but not cause any of their own at all. Then someone' Dad turns up (unlike everyone else's random family appearances there is nothing suspicious about him) and they all live happily (OK always on the run) ever after.

I lurve Kelly Armstrong, but something happened with this book that made it feel like a movie that ran out of production money. At first I thought I had just daydreamed past the climax, but after conferring with another reader we agreed it was a fault of the book not the readers.
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