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The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
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It amazed me that I didn't write a review on this book sooner since I totally loved this one and this is one of my favorite books that I've read last year. This book started my manic-induced obsession to Sarah Dessen because the story was brilliant, even if some parts are not uncommon, still she was able to move me in many ways about Macy undergoing a lot about her dad's death and her mom being a perfectionist.

I also love the game here where it was like The Truth or Dare only it's basically The Truth here because the main characters played here where they will ask question to each other so they will be able to know each other better.

Again, praise to Sarah Dessen for writing another amazing book.
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Sarah Dessen
“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”
Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

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Kwesi 章英狮 Spoiler? Haha.

Faye hahaha! E bakit mo binasa!! It's entirely your fault. hahaha! :P

Kwesi 章英狮 Well, I read reviews and you did not put a spoiler alert button! Haha! Ako pa ang sinisi tuloy.

Faye hahaha! My bad. So sorry Kwesi. haha! E luma na kasi tong review. E ngayon kasi di ba di na ko naglalagay ng spoilers. Ipagpatawad mo. haha!

Kwesi 章英狮 Your reason is invalid and I can't accept your sorry. Sorry yourself! Bwahaha! Kidding.

Faye Reklamo ng reklamo e ni-like naman nya. haha!!

Kwesi 章英狮 Bwahaha! I'm enjoying teasing you!

Faye Natutuwa akong pagkatuwaan ka! hahaha!!

Kwesi 章英狮 Harhar. :|

message 10: by Faye (new) - rated it 5 stars

Faye Speechless? haha! Panalo na ko? haha!

Kwesi 章英狮 Nope, you're wrong. Harhar. :|

message 12: by Faye (new) - rated it 5 stars

Faye haha! Walang masabi! :P

message 13: by jzhunagev (new)

jzhunagev Uy, wag mo namang awayin si Faye.

Sige, aawayin kita. Wala kang surprise.

message 14: by Faye (new) - rated it 5 stars

Faye @jzhunagev: Nako! Bully-ng bully na ko jan kahit sa FB! haha! Joke. Bully kami pareho. haha!

@Kwesi: :P Ala ka na raw surprise! Bully kasi! haha!

Kwesi 章英狮 I don't care.

message 16: by Faye (new) - rated it 5 stars

Faye Nakoo, maganda pa naman ata yung surprise mo. Yung mapipilayan ka for sure? haha. Sa akin pala manggagaling pag ganun. :P

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