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Reading Ladders by Teri S. Lesesne
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Sep 04, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in September, 2011

I have kids who are either reluctant readers at the beginning of the year, or who read like my six year old eats: only a handful of favorites are ingested and the rest of the good stuff sits ignored on the plate/lunch kit. As a reading teacher, it's been my challenge (or is that pleasure?) to coax these readers into discovering the joys of both reading and choosing genres outside of their comfort zone. I've also had students who are proficient, even voracious readers. These readers chew up books and will ask me, "Do you have anything just like _____________?"

Lesesne offers her expertise on these kinds of readers, showing the why of classroom libraries (rigor and relevance), time for reading (NCLB be damned), and reading mentors (you, the teacher, can be a vital component to your students) are crucial to the development of lifelong readers. But she also takes her readers on the how of extending reading beyond one type of book. I love how she shows how to take a reader from where they are and has an eye on where she wants them to be, utilizing one rung at a time in order to get to the top of a reading ladder. "We can help them stretch by showing them books that mirror what they already like but that perhaps are a little longer, a bit more abstract, or challenge them more." (p. 3) "A reading ladder is a series or set of books that are related in some way (e.g.; thematically) and that demonstrate a slow gradual development from simple to more complex." (p. 49)

Reading Ladders is a must read for both experienced as well as new-to-the-profession teacher looking for more tools to use with his/her students. Affirmations as well as help to build book ladders are plentiful, and true to Professor Nana's nature, titles abound in this skinny read. I very much enjoyed this one, and should have picked it up when I first purchased it a year ago.

Uh-huh passages: (see if you don't agree)

"...students who were read aloud to on a regular basis scored higher on tests of word usage, vocabulary, and reading comprehension." (p. 14)

"...model the behaviors I expect(ed) from my students. I read aloud in class, talked about my own reading, wrote samples of all their assignments, and even composed in front of the class..." (p. 15)

"...TIME for them to actually read...I had no control over my students' time once they were out of school, but I could carve out some time for them to read in the classroom." (p. 16)

"Readers are made, not born." (p. 17)

"Reading aloud and booktalking should be part of every teacher's bag of tricks." (p. 39)

"Be the person who can bring students into the reading club." (p.45)


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