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Tasting Leon's Mark by Laura Tolomei
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May 25, 2010

it was ok
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Read in May, 2010

When Janet, an accountant at a San Francisco auto repair and body shop, first meets Leon Sterling she is not impressed. He drives a flash car, he's the new CEO of Foreign Design Consultancy (FDC) and loaded with cash. But Janet is not like the model-like blondes who work for him, and she sees through Leon's façade as intuitive images of him and his lover Sean, flash through her mind. Thus starts Laura Tolomei's newest novel, Tasting Leon's Mark.

Sean has always thought there was something missing from his life, which fuels his craving for a dangerous ritualistic sexual bloodlust as a way of compensating for what he really needs, Leon's acknowledgment of his love.

Driven to seek out the same person after each reincarnation, Leon decides to bring another into the their lives, a blindfolded Janet. Will she be able to break the pattern of their reincarnated lives, or is there more to Janet and her intuition than meets the eye? Why else would she seem to be able to see straight through what the two boys are denying to themselves?

Although I am a fan, this did not turn out to be one of my favourite of Laura Tolomei books. From the very beginning I had trouble working out whom I was supposed to follow. I love the premise that in the past in a futuristic world Leon was a hunter (once Tylean and later a Panther) and Sean was his prey (Didri and later a gazelle) and that they reunite in a new life together each time they die, but there was a lot of back story in the first three chapters, which sadly told me rather too much too soon and about too many people. I felt this would have flowed better if it had perhaps been dropped into the story as required.

Nevertheless, this is an intelligent and erotic read based on relationships. Leon and Sean are destined to be with each other forever, and their dangerously exciting sexual practises bond them together like no other lovers, except for maybe one person, the sensual Janet.

In perhaps denial of their connection, and maybe even his sexuality or natural instinct, Leon's still hunting women and encouraging Sean to do the same. After all it's just sex to him.

Sean, on the other hand is led more by his emotions and feels threatened when his lover can't give up women and fears losing Leon, the very person he exists for.

Can Janet, who seems to intuitively know just as much about their past as they do, persuade them to see sense?

Tasting Leon's Mark is rich in emotional detail, hot sex, and written in a realistic contemporary setting with the extra element of a dark, sexy paranormal twist. I'm beginning to see a recurrent theme with Tolomei's books, and I like the dark fantasy aspect that mingles the author's love of writing violent passion with eroticism.

ADDED: I have since heard there is a prequel, which was never published, and it sounds to me this would really have helped. Fingers crossed it will be.

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