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Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell
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Jul 04, 2010

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Well, what to say. I guess there's hope for the Scarpetta series, but I've forgotten why I ever liked her. She'd be a major downer to know. And Benton, there's a bore. At first, I was sorry Ms. Cornwell killed him off, but now I'd rather see a more appealing character than him written in, one who doesn't need a fire built under him, than have Benton back to do little more than contribute to Scarpetta's already gloom-ridden persona. I'm sick to death of Wolfman Chandonne too. There could be some interesting new character spin-offs, however, with regard to the Chandonne grandson, who is now parentless and grandmotherless. No doubt the remaining Chandonne family in France will want to raise him, which should keep Scarpetta awake at night. I don't see though that the character of Jean-Baptiste can offer anything more. Now here's a thought! Scarpetta personally kills Wolfman (and soon), she adopts the little boy, then lives tragically ever after, depressed and wondering if the weird kid is a chip off the old block, i.e., Jay Talley. Gee, I can hardly wait. Then we'd get to read more about cruelty to animals, dogs in particular. What's with Cornwell and dogs anyway? Old ones get thrown into swimming pools with bricks tied to their feet. Puppies are used as alligator bait. I get the picture, Patricia. Enough.
Actually, I think Ms. Cornwell writes beautifully, handles plots and dialogue very well, the forensics are fascinating, and the character Kay Scarpetta has a ton of potential. But she's become such a sad sack. Put some life back into her, Patricia. Find her a new love interest. Something! Whatever happened to the man who owned the horses in Point of Origin? I liked him. His would be an intriguing re-appearance .
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message 1: by Bex (new) - rated it 3 stars

Bex Not really getting into this book but im trying to soilder on and finish the dang thing!

Heather Rowland Patricia Cornwell really needs to think before she writes: i.e.; using dogs from shelters as alligator bait.
First of all, shelter dogs are not cheap, most shelters charging over fifty dollars. Second: tying a live animal of any kind with a rope and suspending it in the air over the water would require very tight bonds, or else the animal might be able to wiggle out of the rope - again a cruel process and absolutely unnecessary compared to buying a processed chicken. Third: how many other readers besides myself are repulsed by her arrogance (I can write anything I want and people will still love me attitude) and will never read her again? I burnt my copy :)

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