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The Photographer by Emmanuel Guibert
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Teton County Library Call No: (new) GRAPHIC NOVEL GUIBERT E
Marisa's Rating: 4 Stars

The Photographer (a graphic novel interspersed with real pictures taken by Didier Levre while on a mission with Doctors Without Boarders) is a powerful and troubling depiction of war-town Afghanistan and the confusing nature of life there. Graphic novels are often used to describe painful and tragic experiences in a way that can be more easily be digestible by audiences (see Maus I and II). In this case the drawings are next to real-life pictures of patients who have been hurt by shrapnel or affected by this confusing and terrifying acts of suffering -- making the drawings seem like a "breather" or a chance for the reader to take a break from the horrible real-life war images. The artistic depictions allow the reader connect to the sometimes very foreign instances of war. Like Maus, reading the "graphic" aspects of the book allowed me to truly get the "feeling" of the situation. The photographs give reality and starting painful jolts back to reality- important in a book that is attempting to bringing awareness to Afghanistan and also the work of Doctors Without Boarders. Although I had a very hard time getting into this work in the beginning (the introduction and early sections are very fact heavy) the meat of the book is worthwhile and a very interesting, innovative concept.

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