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Search Engine Visibility by Shari Thurow
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May 24, 2010

really liked it

Search Engine Visibility by Shari Thurow

1. Organic
2. PFI
3. PFP

Organic Components:
1. text
2. links
3. popularity

1. Title tag (5-10 words or around 70 chars, unique for every page, no company info, power combination strategy - 3 first words are keyword in any combination, sometimes include both singular and plural)
2. Visible body text (write 250-800 words per page, keyword prominence - above the fold, using headlines, around and inside links, resonable repetitions, also add calls to actions)
3. Meta tags (for desc: write 200-250 chars using target keywords, do not repeat title, most important phrases go first, use both singular and plural when required, do not separate important keyword phrases, try not to repeat to many times, do not place repetions right next to each other, add call to action, write accurate desc in sentences, remove stop and irrelevant words, no company name; for kwds: most relevant go first, commas not necessary, include keywords that are in the body or receive spam penalty; robots: do not allow spidering of crap pages)
4. Graphic images alts (write accurate descriptions using questions like "what kind of ___ ?")
5. Domain / filenames (use separate domain or subdomain for each language, use accurate keywords in names)

All these must contain relevant keywords:
1. Understand what customers are searching for (what do they ask when on the phone?)
2. Brainstrom
3. Use singular and plural
4. Mind the case (some engines may be affected)
5. 3,4,5-word phrases are usually more accurate
6. Get more keywords from related directory categories
7. After determining initial keyword list narrow it down
8. Add common misspellings

1. Ask questions: singular or plural ? what 3 or 4 words appereared together most often ? what was the word order?
2. Use special tools at google and yahoo
3. Check "people who did this search also searched for" on HotBot
4. Use "refine your search" at altavista
5. Use "related queries" at FAST search
6. Use online service WordTracker
7. Remove stop words
8. Use statistics from web site search engine (excessive use is a bad sign)

If some related searches are very popular, but you don't have the info, add it (for instance FAQ).

1. Write relevant anchor text
2. Add breadcrumbs
3. No difference if a link is absolute or relative
4. Use text links as a primary or secondary navigation scheme
5. Anchor text should not exceed in amount normal text, if required use graphic links
6. Do not place links in the very begginig of a page, it makes its content look less unique

Link problems:
1. Poor HTML
2. Image maps (many do not follow links, if required place before
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