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Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Jan 03, 2011

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Read from May 24 to 27, 2010

I read this as I have seen Lara Adrians book in all the bookshops and heard that it had a similar vibe as the Black Dagger Brotherhood. However although I wasn't exactly disappointed I didn't think it was anywhere as good as say "Dark Lover" by J R Ward.

This book was about Lucan Thorne the leader of the Breed warriors who protect humanity and other members of the Breed from Rogues, who are members of the Breed that have descended in to bloodlust and are deranged, constantly hungry psychopaths. The Breed are basically vampires, they have an aversion to sunlight and need blood to survive, but the diffence in Adrians book is that the vampires have extra-terrestrial origins. The female protagnist is Gabrielle, she is a Breedmate, which is a rare human woman who is able to bloodbond with the Breed (who incidently comprises soley of males) and bare their children. Gabrielle is unaware of this and the vampires in general at the beginning of the book, and she is only brought to the Breed and more importantly Lucans attention when she witnesses a group of Rogues tearing apart a human in an alley outside a club. This brings Lucan and Gabrielle in to contact and everything else begins from there.

What I liked about this the original take on the vampire myth, I honestly never expected vampires to basically be aliens; however, she never makes it seem ridculous, mainly I believe becuase she downplayed the idea. I also liked though didn't particually enjoyed the attitude the Breed warriors had to human victims of the Rogues, I liked it because after so many years of slaying Rogues you would have to become immune to such deaths otherwise you would never last long as a warrior; however, that doesn't necessarily make it easier to read. I also liked the other warriors in the book, all though not in it very much they all had ditinct personalities and I would like to see there characters fleshed out a bit more.

Now, the romance between the two main characters I didn't find entirely believable, I know in PNR characters tend to fall in love very quickly and this book makes no exception, but I don't think it worked that well, in the BDB books the relationship between the two characters tends to be really intense and instinctual, which is someting that I think Adrian was striving for, but didn't really get. To me it felt like they feel in lust not love. Also as well as romantic relationships I would have liked to see the friendships of the warriors aswell and it didn't really show it, it felt like there were just a lot of strangers living in the same house.

I also would have preferred it if there was more world building as well in the books, for example it mentions the Darkhavens, but you don't know anything about them and I was curious and also apart from the warriors you don't know how else Breed society was structured.

But I did like the ideas in the book and I will read the next one, but I won't rush out to get it. For me there was something missing in these books that stops making it as brilliant, in my opnion, as BDB and I think what was missing was depth.

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Lady Allison I was hesitant about it at first too, & honestly don't see that many similarities between these guys & BDB, so don't read too far into it. I'm glad you liked it, but I think you'll like the next few even better :)

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) I am considering reading the third one, but I didn't really like the second one, although I thought it was better then this one. I think it is the romances, they just seem so wooden and have bo chemistry.

Lady Allison I really like Tegan & Rio's stories, but I just finished Andreas' & it was a bit too flowery for me. I was into the story, I just didn't like the way she told it.

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) I don't who Andrea is, was she introduced in the first two? Rio is the one, where his wife is the superbitch in the first one right?

I thin I will try and get the third one if I see if cheap, after talking to everyone, people seem to think that the next book is amazing, if I don't feel that when i read it I will know I am doomed not to like them!

Lady Allison Rio is the one that got blown up & his mate betrayed them, yes. He has a LOT of issues to work through before his HEA, but it just makes it that much better to watch. Andreas is the name & I think you meet him in the 2nd or 3rd book, he's in Berlin. He's so sweet, the drama that happened to him was hard to read & then when he got his HEA, it was a bit too sugary sweet!

Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) Hmmm, I can't remember Andreas (lol I put Andrea!) but it has been a while since I have read them. so did it go from one extreme to the other then, hmmm I guess if I like the third book I will have to read on and see : )

Oh yes, I had forgotten he got blown up! Didn't the chick in teh second book heal him?

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